Jaguar Watches Review: Definitive Guide

jaguar watches review

As the title suggests, this Jaguar watches review focuses on that particular brand of watches. Please note that this brand is in no way affiliated or associated with the car brand of the same name! Now I understand many of you may or may not be familiar with the Jaguar brand, but that’s okay because … Read more

Festina Watches Review: Is This Brand Any Good?

festina watches review

Welcome to our Festina watches Review! Today, the focus will be on the watch brand Festina. If you are reading this article, then you probably have some sort of curiosity about the brand. This is a brand that you don’t really hear people talking about a whole lot. You may be wondering what Festina watches … Read more

Seiko 007 Review: Brief Look At The Seiko SKX007

seiko skx007 dimensions

The Seiko SKX007 is a very popular and well respected entry level diving watch. It manages to capture the luxury aesthetics of the Rolex Submariner, while still remaining affordable, and competitively priced when compared to other entry level diving watches on the market. If you are familiar with the Seiko SKX009, then you will notice … Read more

Orient Mako 2 Review: Orient Mako 2 Black Diver’s Watch

Orient Mako 2 Black

The Orient Mako 2 is a highly popular men’s diving watch. Orient, like Seiko, is known for producing affordable luxury style watches. As a matter of fact, Orient is actually owned by Seiko now, so it is easy to understand why they also create quality watches at affordable prices. Today’s article will be an Orient … Read more

Fitbit Charge 3: Fitness Tracker Review

fitbit charge 3 review

Fitbit has grown to become one of the most iconic names in the fitness tracker industry. You will most likely see people wearing Fitbits when they are running, cycling, doing crossfit, and lifting weights. In this article we will be looking at the latest from the “charge” series of Fitbit fitness trackers. Fitbit Charges have … Read more

Best Fanmis Watch 2021: Fanmis Men’s Military

fanmis watch

In today’s article we will be doing a quick review of the Fanmis military watch. Military style watches are best known for their durability in being able to withstand the rigors of an unpredictable environment. That makes these types of watches great for outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, kayaking, etc. So how well does … Read more

G Shock WR20BAR Quick Review: What’s So Special?

g shock wr20bar review

Casio’s G Shock watches have always been known for their ruggedness and durability. This feature makes them very handy for various outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, and diving. They are even a great choice for firefighters, emts, or law enforcement officers. In today’s review, we will focus on a particularly popular watch in the … Read more

Casio Beside Watch: Inexpensive Dress Watches

casio beside watch

The Casio brand is a Japanese brand that specializes in various different types of electronics. It is also well known for producing some very affordable watches. This Japanese watchmaker has produced popular lines such as the G-Shock, and Edifice. In this article, however, we will spotlight one of its lesser known lines. Today we will … Read more

Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review: Quick Look

invicta 8932 pro diver review

Today we will be taking a look at a popular watch by Invicta. Invicta is known for making affordable quality diving watches. The one in particular that we are reviewing today is the 8932 Pro Diver. We will be taking a brief look a its specs, design, and features. This is our Invicta 8932 Pro … Read more