Citizen Vs Invicta: Two Companies With Swiss Roots!

citizen vs invicta

This time our comparison will match up Citizen Vs Invicta watches. These two brands have both made their mark on the industry in their own respective ways. Both companies also have Swiss ties when you look back on their early history. Each brand has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. So deciding which brand is … Read more

Citizen Vs Orient: Japanese Brands Collide

citizen vs orient

In today’s comparison we will be looking at Citizen Vs Orient watches. Both of these brands are well known Japanese watch brands. However, one of them must be in some way superior to the other, right? This is why people do comparison shopping. if you are only going to buy from one or the other, … Read more

Certina Vs Seiko: Swiss Or Japanese?

certina vs seiko

In this Vs article, we will be comparing Certina and Seiko watches. This will be an interesting comparison as these two brands come from completely different parts of the globe. Certina represents the Swiss watch market, while Seiko is a Japanese watch sompany. A common theme among watch enthusiasts is that Swiss made watches are … Read more

Certina Vs Longines: Who Makes Better Swiss Watches?

certina vs longines

In this comparison we will be looking at Certina vs Longines, in an attempt to figure out which company makes the best watches. The interesting thing about these two companies is that they are both Swiss luxury brands, and they are both owned by The Swatch Group. Swiss luxury watches are held in the highest … Read more

Fossil Vs Timex: American Brands At War!

fossil vs timex

In this article we are comparing the watch brands Fossil vs Timex. both of these brands are major players in the industry. While they both have some amazing offerings as far as watches go, each brand brings something different to the table. So which is the better brand? That is the question often asked when … Read more

Casio Vs Timex: Two Big Brands Battle It Out!

casio vs timex

Time for another Casio Vs article! This time we will be looking at Casio vs Timex. These are two popular and well known watch brands. Each brand has its own unique approach to watches. This leads people to wonder which brand is superior to the other. Sometimes the answer is not as black and white … Read more

Invicta Vs Seiko: Which Makes The Better Dive Watch?

invicta vs seiko

In today’s comparison, we will be looking at Invicta vs Seiko watches. These two brands are best known for their dive watches. So when we are comparing these two brands, the focal point of the comparisons will be on their dive watches. Dive watches have have been especially popular ever since Rolex brought the style … Read more

Skmei Vs Casio: Is This A Casio Killer?

skmei vs casio

Today, we’ll be looking at another watch brand comparison. This time it will be Skmei vs Casio. A lot of people like to compare other watch brands against the Casio brand. Casio is a well established brand, and stands as a giant in the watch industry. They are known for both their quality and affordability. … Read more

Casio A158 Vs A168: Clash Of The Retro Titans!

casio a158 vs a168

In this week’s Vs, we are comparing the Casio A158 Vs A168. Both of these watches capture the retro look that was popular in Casio watches during the 80’s and 90’s. Well Casio, ended up bringing this retro style back! This led to an increased interest and new appreciation for these styles, as it brought … Read more

Hardlex Vs Sapphire: The Hard Truth About Dial Windows

hardlex vs sapphire

So today we will be discussing two different types of glass used in watch dial windows. Hardlex Vs sapphire crystal. Most people seem to assume that sapphire is superior. But if you read on, you will find out that this is not necessarily the case. As I’m sure you know, different watch types and brands … Read more