Is Mido a Luxury Watch Brand? – Well, Kind of!

In this article we will answer the question of whether or not Mido is a luxury watch. Mido is a Swiss watch brand, but does that necessarily mean luxury?

It is common knowledge that Swiss luxury watches are held as the gold standard in fine watchmaking. However, as you will soon find out, not all Swiss luxury watches are created equally.

So is Mido, in fact, a luxury watch brand? Well, technically yes Mido is a Swiss luxury watch brand. However, there are different classes of Swiss watches. I’m sure you are familiar with brands such as Rolex and Cartier. Those brands represent high end Swiss luxury.

Mido is not in that category. Mido, in fact would be considered an entry level Swiss luxury watch. Entry level Swiss watches are Swiss watches that can be purchased for a fraction of the prices than the more high end varieties.

Now this does not mean they are low quality watches. Most entry level Swiss luxury watches have quality and elegance befitting a true Swiss luxury watch. In fact, for a watch to be considered Swiss at all, it must pass some pretty strict requirements anyway. So, how does one determine if Mido is worth it or not?

As it turns out there are 3 major factors to look at when determining if a watch brand is good or not. You need to look at the build quality, design, and pricing. A nice looking, inexpensive, and well crafted watch is always going to be a win.

So, we will be looking at how well Mido does in these 3 areas. First though, let’s look at a brief introduction to this brand.

About Mido

Mido is currently owned by the Swatch group. However, the company was originally founded in 1918. At this time they were predominantly manufacturing women’s watches. The men’s watches that they produced were made in the art deco style.

Once they had started establishing a name for themselves, Mido began partnering with automakers, creating watches that resembled car radiator grills. They worked with brands such as Ford, Buick, and even Bugatti. The brand continued to make headway in the industry, even bringing forth innovation.

For instance, in 1934 they developed watches with “unbreakable mainsprings”, which added additional durability to the watches. Also, in 1954, Mido developed more efficient winding mechanisms for mechanical watches. The most efficient for their time, in fact.

So, all in all, Mido has a great reputation in the industry that was well earned.

Mido Watches Review

Now, we can start looking at the overall quality of their watches, starting with the builds.

Build Quality

Mido manufactures both automatic mechanical, and quartz watches. The movements used are based off ETA architecture.

The watch cases are mostly made of stainless steel. They do, however have gold plated models, as well as models with titanium cases. The dial windows on their watches are sapphire crystal. Water resistance among Mido watches can vary from anywhere between 30 to 100 meters of resistance.

Overall, the build quality of Mido watches is up to luxury standards, so absolutely no complaints here. Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style of their watches.

Design & Style

When it comes to design and style, Mido manages to bring you the luxury styles you know and love, while at the same time applying their own unique touch to the formula. Among their collections, you will find casual, sports, chronographs, and diving watches.

Mido watches exude quality and elegance, and while their styles are typical of luxury designs, they do manage to stand out slightly from the crowd.


When it comes to pricing, you will be surprised to find Swiss luxury watches at such low prices. Now they are not by any means cheap. However, when compared to high end Swiss luxury watches, these are certainly a steal.

The majority of Mido watches can be purchased at mid level prices. Prices will vary by the model. And yes there are some models that are in the high range, as well as others that do reach similar prices as high end watches.

For the most part though, you can find a lot of their watches in the more affordable ranges. This is an especially a good thing for a person who is new to the world of Swiss luxury watches.

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Now, lastly, if you are interested in purchasing a watch from Mdo, we do have some recommendations!

Mido Watches Review: Recommendations

Mido “Great Wall” Watch

This is a gorgeous looking all silver chronometer watch. The case and band are silver in color, as well as the hands and markings. The dial is a slightly lighter silver color. There is a date window at the 3 o’clock mark.

This watch uses Swiss 25 jewel self-winding movement. Both the case and band are made of stainless steel, and the dial window is sapphire crystal. It is water resistant 100 meters.

Quick Look

  • Swiss 25 jewel automatic movement
  • chronometer
  • date window
  • water resistant 100 meters

Mido Men’s MIDO-M0056143605122

It’s easy to see why this watch is popular. This rather stylish chronograph from Mido is mostly black, with orange highlights. Has an exhibition case back as well.

The case, dial, and band are black, while the hands and markings are orange. This makes for a nice contrast. It is, however, one of the more expensive entries from Mido.

This watch is powered by Swiss automatic movement. The case is PVD stainless steel, and the band is leather. The dial window is made of sapphire crystal. This watch is water resistant 30 meters.

Quick Look

  • Swiss automatic movement
  • stylish chronograph design
  • exhibition case back
  • water resistant 30 meters
    • expensive

So, as it turns out, Mido is, in fact, a luxury brand, but are their watches any good?

Are Mido Watches Any Good?

As an entry level Swiss luxury watch brand, Mido is quite exceptional. It can stand toe to toe with the likes of Tissot. Mido would definitely be a good way to enter into the world of Swiss luxury watches.

While the prices are not too bad, if you find them higher than your liking, then Tissot does offer similar quality and you can find some cheaper models than you would with Mido.

That’s it for our look into the Mido watch brand. For more similar reviews and highlights of watches and brands, you can check out our review section here

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