Casio A158 Vs A168: Clash Of The Retro Titans!

casio a158 vs a168

In this week’s Vs, we are comparing the Casio A158 Vs A168. Both of these watches capture the retro look that was popular in Casio watches during the 80’s and 90’s. Well Casio, ended up bringing this retro style back! This led to an increased interest and new appreciation for these styles, as it brought … Read more

Hardlex Vs Sapphire: The Hard Truth About Dial Windows

hardlex vs sapphire

So today we will be discussing two different types of glass used in watch dial windows. Hardlex Vs sapphire crystal. Most people seem to assume that sapphire is superior. But if you read on, you will find out that this is not necessarily the case. As I’m sure you know, different watch types and brands … Read more

Armitron Vs Casio: A Worthy Competitor?

armitron vs casio

In this article, we will be comparing Armitron Vs Casio watches. Now most people that are at least somewhat interested in watches are probably already familiar with the Casio brand. They have a long and is established history in the industry. But what about Armitron? This company is not at the forefront of popularity in … Read more