Longines Vs Rolex – 2 Swiss Behemoths Clash!

longines vs rolex

In today’s comparison, we will be analyzing the two watch brands Longines Vs Rolex. Both of these brands are better known Swiss brands. As Swiss brands, they are held in high regard. The Swiss have a very long and storied history of producing watches of only the finest quality. When you buy a Swiss watch, … Read more

Swiss Legend Watches: True Budget Swiss?

swiss legend watches

In this article, we are going to be looking at the Swiss Legend watches brand. The name of the brand makes it abundantly clear what they are going for. Everyone praises Swiss watches for their attention to detail and fine craftsmanship. Therefore, it makes sense that this brand would capitalize on this by making it … Read more

How Many Watches Should a Woman Own, exactly?

how many watches should a woman own

In this article we will be delving into the question of how many watches a woman should own? Now, due the nature of this question, the answer is obviously going to vary from person to person. It can be a highly subjective question. The answer that we give is just a general guideline for the … Read more

Tissot Vs Raymond Weil – Entry Level Swiss Options!

tissot vs raymond weil

Today we will be comparing the two Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Raymond Weil. The cool thing about these two brands is that that they are both Swiss made. As many of you probably already know, Swiss watches are known for having the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The main problem, however, with luxury … Read more

Cartier Vs Panerai: French or Italian?

cartier vs panerai

In this article we are going to be closely comparing the two luxury watch brands Cartier Vs Panerai. These are two high end watch brands with names that date far back in the pages of history. Each of these brands have made a name for themselves over the years. It is quite common for people … Read more

Quartz Watch with Sweeping Second Hand?

quartz watch with sweeping second hand

In this article, we are looking into the topic of a quartz watch with a sweeping second hand. First of all, does such a watch exist, and if so, where can you get one? To start off, we will answer the question of whether or not this type of watch even exists. Yes, technically, there … Read more

What Is a Digital Chronograph Watch?

digital chronograph watch image

In this article, we will be discussing the digital chronograph watch. You may be wondering what a digital chronograph even is. Well, when it comes to the use of the word “chronograph” in watches, it can mean a couple of different things, depending on the context of how it is used. Even then, sometimes people … Read more