Luminous Military Watches: 5 Great Options!

luminous military watches

In this article we are going to be looking into luminous military watches. More specifically, the analog options. I will briefly explain what I mean here. About Luminous Analog Watches Traditionally, analog displays are watches that feature actual hour, minute, and seconds hands that point to the numbers. This is in contrast to digital watches … Read more

What Is Japanese Quartz Movement And Is It Good?

what is japanese quartz movement

In today’s article, we will be going a little bit more in depth into what a Japanese quartz movement is, and why they represent such an industry standard. In fact, the majority of quartz watches that you will come across are probably Japanese quartz watches. Throughout this article, we are going to be covering several … Read more

Chronograph Vs Quartz Watches Explained In Depth!

chronograph vs quartz

This article will explain the differences between chronograph watches vs quartz watches. This happens to be a particular topic about watches that is often misunderstood, or misinterpreted. Our goal here with this article, is to thoroughly explain exactly what each of these types of watches are, and their practical purposes. The first thing to that … Read more

Casio A158 Vs A159: What’s The Difference?

casio a158 vs a159

In this article we are going to be taking a quick look at two of Casio’s retro styled models: the Casio A158 Vs the Casio A159. The retro styles are throwbacks to Casio’s most popular models of the 80’s and 90’s. These two models in particular look nearly identical, so often the question comes up … Read more

Armitron Vs Timex: 2 Classic American Brands!

armitron vs timex

In today’s comparison, we will be looking at the Armitron Vs Timex watch brands. These are both American watch manufacturers that have been around for a long time. While these brands may not reach the same level of popularity as say, Casio or Rolex, they still have their own unique appeal and charm. With all … Read more

Casio Vs Rolex: Utility Meets Luxury

casio vs rolex

Finally, we will do a comparison between Casio vs Rolex. These two big brands are common household names when it comes to watches. We already know That Rolex is possibly the most popular luxury watchmaker in the world. Casio, is one of the most popular watch brands of all time. When it comes to comparing … Read more

Best Transparent Watches You Can Afford: 5 Top Picks!

best transparent watches

In this article, we will be taking a look at several different styles of transparent watches. Transparent watches bring a very unique and stylized appearance to the industry. And that unique style is the main reason you would want to purchase a transparent watch in the first place. I don’t thin there are any other … Read more

Casio Ana Digi Watches: 5 Unique Styles!

casio ana digi

This time we’ll be taking a look at several styles of ana digi watches from Casio. The Casio brand is a well known brand Japanese brand that specializes in quality products at affordable prices. You are probably familiar with it’s most popular series of watches, the G-Shock line. Now if you’re not familiar already with … Read more

Bliger Watches: Are They Any Good?

bliger watches

In this article we will be taking a closer look at a brand called Bliger watches. Now this is one of those brands that is seemingly unheard of. You see this brand show up sometimes on the online marketplaces. It has all of the qualities of a mushroom brand. Bliger is clearly a Chinese luxury … Read more