Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Review: Quick Look

invicta 8932 pro diver review

Today we will be taking a look at a popular watch by Invicta. Invicta is known for making affordable quality diving watches. The one in particular that we are reviewing today is the 8932 Pro Diver. We will be taking a brief look a its specs, design, and features. This is our Invicta 8932 Pro … Read more

Orient F6922 “Ray II” Quick Review

orient f6922

The Orient F6922 is a poplar luxury diver’s watch. It’s popularity is due in part to its affordability. The Orient Ray II is one of the more affordable luxury dive watches on the market. In today’s review we will be going over Its specs, design, and features to determine if this watch is a suitable … Read more

Best Watches For Firefighters: Top 5 In 2022

best watches for firefighters

When it comes to being a firefighter, the ability to quickly check the time can be crucial. The job of being a firefighter can expose you to all kinds of conditions. There are extremes of temperature, you can get wet, dirty, or all of the above and more. That is why it is important to … Read more

Best Watches For Hunters: Top Picks For 2021!

best watches for hunters

When it comes to hunting, certain types of watches will fare better than others. You will definitely need a watch that’s durable and rugged. Maybe you want something simple and inexpensive, or you may desire a smartwatch that has more advanced features. It’s up to you to decide what you want based on your needs … Read more

Seiko SKX007 Vs SKX009: Head To Head

seiko skx007 vs skx009

In today’s article we take a look at two of Seiko’s most popular dive watches: The Seiko SKX007, and the SKX009. The SKX series has always been the go to series when it comes to Seiko dive watches. You may also have noticed that these watches are similar in style to the Rolex Submariner. As … Read more

The Best Smartwatch With Camera Available In 2021

smartwatch with camera

Are there smartwatches that feature built in cameras? Absolutely! In this article we are trying to find the best smartwatch with a camera. Smartwatch technology is only improving over time. We now have smartwatches that can seamlessly sync with your phone, as well as smartwatches that can function as a standalone phone! While it’s true … Read more