Alarm Bracelet Options: Wake Up Time!

wake up alarm bracelet

In this article, we are talking about the alarm bracelet. In this case, we are referring to something that you wear on your wrist that helps you to wake up from sleeping. This is not to be confused with a personal alarm safety wristband. Those are used as a form of personal security. Anyway, we’ve … Read more

Mido Vs Longines – Which Brand is Best?

mido vs longines

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Mido Vs Longines. Now the interesting thing about these two brands is that they are both Swiss made watch brands. What this means is that they represent some of the highest quality timepieces in the industry. This is because the Swiss have … Read more

Automatic Quartz Watch (Autoquartz)? What Is That?


In today’s article, we are going to tackle the topic of the automatic quartz watch. Now this is something that may sound like a complete contradiction if you know anything about watches. After all, quartz watches and automatic watches use completely different power sources. Automatic watches are powered by a mainspring, and quartz watches are … Read more

Casio DW290 – Mission Impossible

casio dw290

In this article, we are going to review the Casio Dw290. This is an interesting offering from Casio. Casio is a popular Japanese brand known for producing a wide variety of watch types. They are especially well known for their G-Shock series of watches. The DW290 has also been dubbed the “Mission Impossible” due to … Read more

Mido Vs Oris – Searching for Swiss

mido vs oris

In this article, we are looking at the two brands Mido Vs Oris. These are both Swiss watch brands. Although it is quite possible that you haven’t heard of them. This is especially true for the non-watch enthusiast. Nonetheless, despite the fact that these are not big name Swiss brands you may be familiar with, … Read more

Quartz Movement Vs Swiss – What’s The Difference?

quartz movement vs swiss

This article is going to tackle the difference between quartz movement vs Swiss. This is definitely one of those topics that can be confusing. The terminology used here can have different meanings depending on the context being used. About Watch Movements We are going to clear things up a few things here in this article. … Read more

SmartWatch Vs Digital Watch – Evolution of Watches!

smart watch vs digital watch

In this article, we are looking at the differences between a smartwatch Vs a digital watch. However, there are two questions we need to answer first. The first question is, “What is a digital watch?” And the second question is “What is a smart watch”? It is only after answering these two questions that we … Read more