Mido Vs Longines – Which Brand is Best?

mido vs longines

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Mido Vs Longines. Now the interesting thing about these two brands is that they are both Swiss made watch brands. What this means is that they represent some of the highest quality timepieces in the industry. This is because the Swiss have … Read more

Omega Vs Tissot: Two Peas In A Pod

omega vs tissot

In this article, we will be covering various aspects of Omega Vs Tissot watches. These are both well known Swiss watch brands. Both companies are subsidiaries of the Swatch Group. The main difference between these two brands, however, is that one is an expensive Swiss luxury brand, while the other is a budget, or “entry … Read more

Are Seakoss Watches Any Good?

are seakoss watches any good

One look at the name and it will probably become apparent that Seakoss watches is a mushroom brand. So yes it is a Chinese brand that no one has ever heard of that appears on many online markets. And true to form, these watches are indistinguishable from Sugess watches. It would appear that both Sugess, … Read more

What Is A Luxury Watch Really? The Truth Revealed!

In this article we will delve into the details of what a luxury watch actually is. Luxury watches have been around for about as long as watches have been around. They can be a symbol of status, prestige, and financial stability. But what is a luxury watch anyway? When someone talks about “luxury” watches, what … Read more

Fashion Watch: What Is It And Are They Good?

fashion watch

Today, we will be discussing the “fashion watch”. First things first though, what is a fashion watch? I’ll give the short answer. A fashion watch is a watch that is geared more towards style than substance. Now at first glance this may sound like a bad thing, but this is not necessarily the case. The … Read more