Titan Vs Timex: Which Brand Is Best?

In today’s comparison, we will be comparing the two watch brands Titan vs Timex. The goal here is to find out which brand is the better brand, if such a thing can be said. Keep in mind that a lot of times, which brand is better will really come down to what you are actually looking for at the moment.

Different brands may specialize in different specific areas. After all, you have Swiss luxury brands, and then you have brands that make watches more suitable for outdoor or harsh environments. In this instance, if you were going hiking or camping, you might not want to bring a Swiss luxury watch!

So with keeping these things in mind, we are going to be comparing the Titan brand to Timex by looking at the overall build quality, style, and pricing of these two brands. When we are finished, it should be apparent which brand between the two would best suit your own specific needs. First though, let’s take a brief introductory look at these two brands.

About Titan And Timex


Titan is an Indian based watch brand. The company was actually started in 1984 as Titan Watches Limited. Over the years though, they branched off from just watches, and got into other areas, such as eyeglasses, jewelry, and even perfume.

Titan focuses primarily on fashion. Being an Indian company, a lot of their styles have a more traditional Indian approach to them. In this way they are unique and stand out a bit in the markets.

Titan further expanded their reach in 2011 when they purchased Favre-Leuba, a Swiss watch company. This allowed them more accessibility in the European markets.


Timex is an American based watch brand. The company has been around since the 1800’s when it was originally known as the Waterbury Clock Company. Since then, they have changed hands and rebranded multiple times over the years, releasing various different products such as clocks and pocket watches.

It was in the 1980’s that the company started putting their focus on watches. They wanted to bring quality, affordable watches to the market. This effort was largely successful, as their watches were being made with increased quality, and subsequently became more popular.

Timex is also known for bringing innovation into the industry by creating the first sports watch with their Ironman series of watches. That particular series of watches, has become pretty well known over the years.

Now that you have been introduced to these brands, we can start to directly compare their watches, starting with the build structure.

Titan Vs Timex: Build Quality

titan vs timex build quality


The Titan brand has quartz, mechanical, digital and smartwatches. A lot of the cases on their watches are brass. But some of their watches do also have cases made of stainless steel, or even titanium, depending on the model. The bands on their watches can be stainless steel, brass, or leather usually.

On average, Titan watches don’t offer too much in the way of water resistance. They are usually water resistant anywhere from 30 to 50 meters.


Timex makes different types of watches that have different functions. These different types of watches will have different builds. For instance, the Ironman series watches that I mentioned earlier have resin cases, acrylic dial windows, plastic bands, and 200 meters of water resistance.

Across the board though, Timex also has a lot of watches with cases made of brass, and watches with mineral crystal dial windows. Water resistance ranges from 30 to 100 meters, and of course the Ironman watches with the 200 meter water resistance.

Build Quality Verdict

All things considered, Timex has the edge in terms of build quality.

Titan Vs Timex: Design & Style

titan vs timex style


You will find common styles among Titan watches, like the chronographs, sports styles, minimalist, etc. But also, there are a lot of very stylish and unique designs in Titan’s library.

The Indian influence is definitely a factor here. Some of these styles are quite stunning really, and you don’t often see anything like them in the market.


Timex, for the most part has pretty basic, yet still reasonably fashionable styles. You are not going to see much by way of style that you won’t see in other brands.

That being said, some of their simplest designs are also the most popular. Also, a lot of their styles are kind of universal, so they can be worn with almost any attire, and not look out of place.

Design & Style Verdict

When it comes to style, Titan takes the lead, as they have some very interesting and intricate designs in many of their watches.

Titan Vs Timex: Pricing

titan vs timex pricing

You can find some expensive watches within either the Titan or Timex collections if you go looking for them, but overall, both brands are relatively inexpensive for the most part. However, Timex has a larger variety of less expensive watches for the same or better quality.

Either way it goes however, neither brand would be considered “expensive” by any means. Both brands’ watches stay within the low to mid tier of affordability, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find watches that fit within your budget with either brand.

Check Titan Watches Prices On Amazon

Check Timex Watches Prices On Amazon

Final Conclusion

After looking at these factors, we can conclude that Timex has slightly better quality watches at lower prices. So then does this mean that you should always pick Timex over Titan? Not necessarily. Titan does have the more fashionable watches, as well as that touch of cultural aesthetic.

In this way, like I had alluded to at the beginning of this article, each brand is good for different purposes. If you want a decent looking slightly less expensive watch, then Timex would be the brand for that. For more highly fashionable pieces that may be a bit higher priced (though not really expensive), then Titan is the brand to look into.

And that’s it for our Titan Vs Timex comparison! I hope you got something out of the information provided. And if you liked this one, then you can check out more of our comparison articles here

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