Why Are Invicta Watches So Cheap? The Truth Revealed!

This article will be all about why Invicta watches are so cheap. I believe that the nature of this question is based on assumptions about Invicta watches being of a lower quality.

There is a short answer, and a long answer to this question. First the short answer. The reason Invicta watches are so cheap is because they have outsourced a lot of their manufacturing to China.

So their watches are cheap for much the same reason as other Chinese watch brands. But isn’t Invicta a Swiss brand? Well, Invicta began as a Swiss brand, but was later acquired by an American company.

Now some, but not all of their watches are Swiss made or contain Swiss movements. This actually plays a part in why Invicta watches receive a lot of criticism. We will get into the details about that in the long answer.

How Invicta Watches Became “Cheap”

The Invicta brand has undergone some major changes since its Inception in 1837. As I said earlier, it began as a Swiss brand founded in Switzerland. At that time they produced purely Swiss watches with Swiss movements. However, when Quartz watches were later introduced in the 1970’s, that shook up the Swiss market, as well as the market for mechanical watches in general.

Quartz watches were more accurate and much less expensive than mechanical watches, thus reducing the demand for mechanical watches. Invicta suffered heavy losses as a result, eventually going bankrupt. Eventually, the Invicta name was bought out by an American company, and reestablished in 1991.

This is when major changes came to the Invicta brand. This new version of Invicta started outsourcing a lot of their manufacturing to China. Many of their watches also, were no longer really Swiss made. Some models started to incorporate Japanese movements such as Miyota, and Seiko movements.

Now they still do have fully Swiss made watches complete with full Swiss movements, however, you will find that these will be the more expensive Invicta models.

Anyway, this change of quality is the reason why Invicta watches became so cheap, and also a big reason why people like to criticize Invicta watches. So it’s not that they are just horrible quality watches. Its more because a lot of their watches no longer strictly adhere to their Swiss heritage. All that being said, what is the actual quality really like for Invicta watches?

So Are Invicta Watches Good Quality, Or Are They Junk?

This is a point of contention people have about Invicta watches. I just discussed that how Invicta watches became so cheap was due to changes in the manufacturing process. So does this automatically mean that Invicta watches now all have horrible quality? Not at all!

How good the quality of Invicta watches is, depends on what you are comparing them to. If you are comparing them to high end Swiss watches, then no, they can’t compare. if, however, you are comparing them to other watches in the same market, then yes they hold their own. We’ve even previously done comparisons on Invicta versus Citizen, and also Fossil.

What Are Invicta Watches Made Of?

You will find that the average Invicta watch has a build no lesser than most other watches out there today. They will have cases made of stainless steel. The dial windows vary based on the model.

The higher end ones will have sapphire dial windows. Others will have mineral dial windows. And finally, some will have Invicta’s own version of mineral dial window, known as a “flame fusion” window. Their flame fusion dial window allegedly combines properties of both mineral and sapphire for a strong dial window.

The bands used on Invicta watches will vary as well. Some will be made of stainless steel, some will be leather, and you also have polyurethane and silicone bands as well. Lastly, different models will have different levels of water resistance to them. Some will be as low as 30 meters of water resistance, while others, such as their divers, can go up to 300 meters of water resistance.

So you see that Invicta watches do not have a subpar build. It is true, though, as with any mass produced watch, that you can get watches that are defective, or break down quickly. There is no reason, however, to believe that Invicta watches are any worse in that area than any other comparable watch brands.

The last point we will get into here is the actual pricing of these watches and some of the controversy surrounding its prices.


It has been established that Invicta watches are not expensive at all. Even some of their more premium watches are still nowhere near the prices of most entry level luxury watches. In fact, Invicta’s prices stay in the low to low medium price ranges regardless of where you purchase them from.

However, there has been some controversy with the way in which Invicta has presented its prices. When visiting the Invicta website to purchase one of their watches, many times you will see the watch listed at a much higher price than it is listed anywhere else. Then there will be another price shown as the “discounted” price.

The controversy here is that the “discount” price is the normal list price when buying the same Invicta watch anywhere else. This is seen as a marketing tactic to boost sales by leading consumers to believe that they are getting a discount, when in reality, this “discount” is just the actual market value of the watch.

This practice has caused controversy among watch enthusiasts, and is yet another reason why Invicta’s name comes under fire at times.

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So what can we conclude about Invicta watches? Well, if you look at them for what they are, they are a reasonably priced, good quality watch brand.

The problem comes, when you look at it from the standpoint of the company’s Swiss roots. One could be led to believe that they have fallen from grace. Additionally, questionable marketing practices have been used on their online store.

But if you ignore those points and just take the watches for what they are at face value, you will not be disappointed. Just don’t expect to get a highly refined luxury Swiss watch at these prices.

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