How Long Does a Mechanical Watch Last?

how long does a mechanical watch last

If you happen to own a mechanical watch, or you are considering buying one, it is natural to ask the question: “How long does a mechanical watch last?” Mechanical watches can last for decades. How long it lasts really depends on the type of mechanical watch you buy, and how often you get the watch … Read more

These Are What Parts Of A Watch Are Gold And Why!

do watches have gold in them

Do Watches Have Gold In Them? Yes many watches do have gold in them! Gold has always been used inside some of the components that make up mechanical wrist watches. If you have come across this article, then you may be wondering what parts of a watch are gold. Gold can potentially be found in … Read more

What Is A One Handed Watch And Why Get One?!

one handed watch

A one handed watch is a very distinct looking timepiece. It is sometimes called a single handed watch or one hand watch. Maybe you have never heard of, or seen one, but they do, in fact, exist! Some of them can be found in the luxury watch niche, while others are much less expensive, and … Read more

What Is The Rotating Bezel On A Watch For?

how does a rotating bezel work

So what is the rotating bezel on a watch for anyway? A rotating bezel is a feature on a watch that allows for an alternate method of tracking time. They are most commonly used in diver’s watches to track diving time. There are other types of watches that use rotating bezels, however. Exactly how you … Read more