Curren Watches Review: Best Of The Ultra Cheap?

In Today’s review we will be looking at the Curren watches brand. This is clearly another Chinese brand of budget luxury styled watches. What makes Curren watches so interesting though, and what sets them apart, is the insanely low prices that they are being sold for on the online marketplaces,

Now we have covered dirt cheap watches before. There are brands such as Lige, Olmeca, and Megalith, which hold their own in the world of ultra cheap watches. However, out of these super cheap brands, Curren seems to have gained the most popularity over the years.

Is this popularity a sign of a good quality watch for an amazingly low price? Or is this a case of just market hype making these watches overrated? We are going to get to the bottom of this today! As always, we are going to break down this watch brand by looking in detail at the construction, design, and pricing of these watches. First off though, let’s get a little background info on Curen Watches.

About Curren Watches

A I had said before, Curren is a Chinese company. Now it is true that hey have an American location in Hillsbotough, New Jersey in the United States. However, the watches themselves are manufactured out of Shenzhen Guandong China. Many other obscure watch brands also happen to be manufactured in China.

So basically these are “cheap Chinese watches”. What does this mean about the quality? Should Curren watches be avoided at all costs? Well, we will get into further details in the review.

Curren Watches Review


The first thing we’ll take a look at is the construction of these watches. To start, Curren produces both quartz and automatic watches. The cases on these watches are made of unnamed metal alloys. The dial windows are mineral crystal. And the bands are made of either leather or stainless steel. the water resistance of these watches is going to be limited to 30 meters, so these should not be worn in the water or while showering.

The build of Curren watches is about what you would expect from cheap watches. Especially the fact that the cases are made from “metal alloys”. This is a sure sign of a cheap watch. Whatever alloys they are using for their cases are most certainly cheaper than stainless steel cases!

Design And Style

Here, we will discuss the style and aesthetics of Curren watches. They have most of the “luxury styles” I’m sure you have seen in watches. They have the diving style watches, minimalist watches, casual, sport, formal, and chronographs.

In addition to these standard styles, they also have some watches that take a more unique approach to style. And a lot of these styles that break the mold look pretty good. In fact, Curren watches look good in general, and this would be one of their main selling points.

Curren definitely knows fashion, and they it right for the most part. Having highly fashionable timepieces at extremely low prices is a good thing for the vat majority of consumers. And those prices will be the very next thing we talk about!


When it comes to pricing, Curren watches fall into a category that I like to refer to as “bargain bin prices”. What this means is that these watches are cheaper than cheap. They are affordable enough to be able to fit into most anyone’s budget without batting an eye.

Even in the competitive space of online marketplaces, it is still uncommon to see such nice looking watches at these astonishingly low prices.

Check Curren Watches Prices On Amazon

So we know that these watches are affordable then. Now, if you are interested in actually buying one, we have some recommendations!

Curren Watches Review: Recommendations

Curren Sports Chronograph With Leather Strap

This is one of Curren’s chronograph models. It offers a very sporty and sophisticated look. It comes in several different color variations. This one has the brown dial with a gold colored bezel and case.

This watch has an analog display and uses quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy, the dial window is mineral crystal, and the band is leather. It is water resistant only 30 meters, so it would be best to keep it out of the water.

This model has working sub dials and full chronograph functionality.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • mineral dial window
  • chronograph functions
  • water resistant 30 meters

Curren Men’s Classic (Black)

This is one of the more minimalist luxury styles from Curren. Once again, there are several colors variations for this model as well. The one we are looking at has both a black dial and band.

It uses quartz movement, and has an analog display paired with a mineral crystal dial window. The case is made of metal alloy, while the band is stainless steel.

The only other feature on this with is a date window located at the 3 o’clock position. Like other Curren watches, there is only 30 meters of water resistance here, so do take care to keep it away from water.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • mineral dial window
  • date window
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Conclusion: Is Curren A Good Watch Brand?

Now to answer the question of whether or not Curren is a good watch brand. Curren watches receive mostly positive reviews on the online marketplaces. This means that the customers stand by the products. That is the definition of a good brand, so yes, Curren is a good watch brand.

Curren watches provide nice looking styles at incredibly low prices. Now when it comes to all the factors we looked at here, I believe that other brands I mentioned earlier such as Lige, Olmeca, and Megalith could compete with Curren, so you definitely need to check those out!

Other than that though, this completes our Review of Curren watches. If you found this article useful and informative, then please feel free to check out some of our other reviews of watches and watch brands here

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