Megalith Watches Review: Dirt Cheap Luxury Styles?

Today we will be doing a review on the Megalith watches brand. This is yet another one of those Chinese luxury styled, or “budget luxury” brands. Megalith is a good example of a mushroom brand, as it just sort of showed up out of nowhere. Megalith has now become somewhat popular in the online marketplaces.

These types of budget luxury brands are known for producing watches that have the look of a premium luxury watch, but at much lower prices. Among these budget brands you will find many homages to name brand luxury watches such as Rolex, Omega, Audemars, Piguet, etc.

Now these types of brands are already known for their low, and inexpensive prices. Megalith watches, however, are exceptionally inexpensive. In fact, these watches are dirt cheap.

The question that then arises is, can a very cheap watch be any good? In some cases, the answer is absolutely yes! After all, we have seen the likes of Lige watches, and Olmeca watches, which bring amazing aesthetics at incredibly low prices! Now obviously these watches are a far cry from premium quality, but they do have decent functionality, and at those prices, you have very little to lose in purchasing a cool looking watch at a bargain bin price.

So now we need to find out if Megalith watches are worth a purchase, or if they just some kind of cheap watch that will break down in a month. That is exactly what we are going to do in this article. We are going to look closely at the construction, design, and pricing of these watches to see how they hold up.

Megalith Watches Review

We will start things off by looking at the overall construction of these watches.


Megalith has both quartz and automatic as well as digital watches. Their watches have stainless steel cases, and mineral or glass dial windows. The bands can be stainless steel, leather, rubber, or nylon. And finally, as you would expect in a cheap watch, there is not much water resistance. They are only resistant 30 meters, so they should be kept out of and away from water.

The build quality is pretty average for the most part. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as you should not be expecting premium components or movements from watches being sold at such low prices.

Style & Design

Next, let’s take a look at the aesthetics of these watches.

For the most part, Megalith watches do a fine job at presenting luxury styles in their watches, although sometimes it is hit or miss. They have a wide selection of styles, from minimalist, to casual, sport, and full on luxury styled.

With so many different styles, there will be at least some variation in how “premium looking” a particular watch will be. For the most part, however, they do a pretty good job, as far as overall aesthetics go, especially when you consider how cheap they are.


The final thing, and one of the factors that makes these watches so special, is the pricing. When I talk about prices, there is budget, and there is cheap. I take it one step further, and call these is bargain bin prices!

Now these aren’t the cheapest watch on the block. Once again , if you want the cheapest luxury styled watches imaginable, then check out Olmeca. But Megalith watches are still quite the bargain. It is actually quite rare to find good looking watches at these prices in such a saturated market.

Check Megalith Watches Prices On Amazon

Now if you liked what you have seen so far, and want to actually buy a Megalith watch, we have a couple of recommendations for you!

Megalith Watches Review: Recommendations

Megalith Men’s Military Digital Sports Watch

This sports watch has an almost steampunk design to it. It comes in various different colors with different bands. This particular model has a silver case with a green nylon band. Looking at the dial you will notice that the display is both analog and digital.

The case is made of stainless steel, and has a mineral crystal window. The watch is water resistant 30 meters, and that will protect it from minor splashes, but not full submersion in water. Features include resistance to impact, a calendar, stopwatch, backlight, and alarm.

Quick Look

  • analog/digital display
  • mineral dial window
  • nylon band
  • impact resistance
  • backlight
  • water resistant 30 meters

Megalith Business Fashion Chronograph

This is one of Megalith’s more luxury styled pieces. It clearly takes inspiration from luxury brands, such as Rolex. While it comes in other color options, this one has the two tone silver and gold colors paired with a blue dial and bezel. This watch is beautiful for sure!

It has an analog display and features quartz movement. Both the case and the band are made of stainless steel. It has chronograph features, as well as a date window. The hands and markers are luminous for visibility in the dark. Lastly, it is water resistant only 30 meters, so do not take it with you when swimming or showering.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • analog display
  • mineral dial window
  • chronograph features
  • date window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 30 meters

Megalith Watches Review Conclusion: Is Megalith A Good Brand?

When looking at all of the factors presented here, Megalith is a good brand if you are looking for dirt cheap luxury styled watches. They get whole a lot of favorable reviews on the online marketplaces. Yes there are some negatives, of course, such as complaints about the quality of the watches and some of them breaking down.

However, the majority of reviewers have had positive experiences with Megalith watches. And with the prices being as low as they are, there is very little risk involved in investing in one of these watches.

And that wraps up our Megalith watches review! If you found this article informative, and enjoyable, please feel free to look into some of our other individual watch, and watch brand reviews here

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  1. Very good information and I agree with all your comments, I have the “business” style watch which you previewed and it often gets mistaken for a Rolex..!!. But of course without the price tag.


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