Daniel Steiger Watches Review: Worth it?

Today’s review will be on Daniel Steiger watches. So who are they, where do they come from, and what is the quality of their watches? These are probably some of the questions you have regarding this brand. In this article we are going to answer all of those questions, and many more that you may have!

The first thing we will need to do though, is get some general information about Daniel Steiger watches.

About Daniel Steiger Watches

Daniel Steiger is a “budget luxury” brand. The brand is owned by a manufacturer called Timepieces International. This company claims to utilize high quality Swiss, French, and even Japanese movements. I do not, however, know which of these types of movements is being used in Daniel Steiger watches.

And on that note, in the next part we will get into details about the watches. We are going to be looking at the construction, design, and pricing of Daniel Steiger watches. By examining these factors, we should be able to come to a conclusion about their watches, and if they are worth a purchase.

Daniel Steiger Watches Review


The first thing to look at here is the general construction of these watches. Daniel Steiger produces both quartz and automatic watches. They have stainless steel cases, although some of their watches will be gold plated to some degree. The dial windows are going to be made of mineral crystal.

The bands are usually made of stainless steel, leather, or silicone. This will vary of course, depending on what particular model you are looking at. The water resistance of their watches, also will vary from anywhere between 30 to 100 meters between different models.

I would say that for the most part, they follow a similar construction pattern to most watches. However, Daniel Steiger does stand out by offering up superior water resistance in some of their models, as well as having gold plating in some models. Most budget luxury watch brands do not offer these qualities in their watches.

Design & Style

The next point to address will be the design and styling of Daniel Steiger watches. And from a design point of view, they do have some fairly decent options here, albeit nothing extraordinary.

You have the minimalist styles, sporty, chronograph, and luxury styled watches. All pretty standard stuff. There are always going to be styles here that will appeal to certain crowds.

Now for a luxury styled watch, there is one negative thing I will point out that I have noticed about these watches. While they do definitely have good looking watches and styles, many of their watches, in my opinion fail to achieve that “luxury” aesthetic that they are going for.

A lot of their watches have a more cheap and “discount” look to them than I would have hoped. But that is just my opinion. Some may agree, and some may disagree with this observation.

Moving onto the next point though, we will be looking at the pricing.


Daniel Steiger mostly offers low and mid priced watches, with a few f their watches getting into the more expensive territory. Obviously, the automatic, self winding watches ae going to be more expensive than the quartz watches.

I feel that overall though, they are a fairly affordably priced luxury styled watch. I think that when you take into account some of the things we talked about earlier, such as water resistances, then for the most part you end up with a pretty good value for the price of these watches.

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Now if you are wanting to purchase a Daniel Steiger watch, we do have a couple of suggested recommendations!

Daniel Steiger Watches Review: Recommendations

Daniel Steiger Apollo

This unique looking timepiece has an analog display featuring a dual time quartz movement. What this means is that each time zone operates independently of one another and is set with its own crown. So you have a crown on both sides of the watch to set each time zone.

This watch has a stainless steel case with 18k gold plating, and a leather band. It also features a date window. It is water resistant 50 meters which is good for splashes and such, but you shouldn’t take it swimming or anything like that.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • dual time zones
  • 18k gold plating
  • date window
  • 50 meters water resistance

Daniel Steiger Invincible Two Tone Multi-Function Watch

This offering from the Daniel Steiger watch collection has an analog display, and a honeycomb dial along with a two tone gold and silver appearance. The case itself is stainless steel, but it has an 18k gold plating. The band on this one is stainless steel.

It uses quartz movement, and features 3 different subdials. One is the day, one is the date, and one is a 24 hours subdial. This one is also water resistant 50 meters, so it can handle water to an extent, just don’t go swimming or engaging in water sports while wearing it.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • honeycomb dial
  • 18k gold plating
  • 3 subdials: day, date, and 24 hour
  • water resistant 50 meters

Conclusion: Are Daniel Steiger Watches Any Good?

In the end, Daniel Steiger watches are well made, reasonably affordable budget luxury watches that come in an array of different styles. So in that respect, yes they are good watches. Like I said before, some of the styles are certainly appealing.

However, also what I stated before about the overall low quality appearance still stands. That to me is something that will lead me to look to other brands that can better pull of the luxury look. Brands that come to mind are Olevs watches, for example. Their watches definitely look the part, but the prices are low, and in some instances, dirt cheap.

Anyway, this concludes our Daniel Steiger watches review. If you liked this article, and found the information that you were looking for, then feel free to check out some of our other reviews of watches and watch brands here

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  1. I took the back of my watch of .I have read it’s a swiss movement.the back says made in china.but I found a swiss movement in my 35 jewel watch and I in my appinion.does it really matter the mayor’s automatic is wonderful and it’s in Bulova citizen amongst other watches.i love my watch it’s very handsome and I’m very proud to wear it.thank you I hope you enjoy your as well

  2. I just bought a Daniel Steiger watch and can not figure out how to set it. The instructions are useless. Is there anything you can help me with? The watch has four (4) buttons plus one that is hard to use that sets the time. I can not find any model name. It is big and heavy and I can not figure out how to change the battery .


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