Olevs Watches Review: A Good “Budget Luxury” Watch?

Today’s review will be on Olevs watches. These days there are a lot of different unknown brands popping up all over the various online markets. Shopping and advertising has changed greatly over the last decade or so. This change in market dynamics has allowed little known companies, especially Chinese brands to arrive, survive, and thrive in the markets.

The way in which people can shop and rate products has created a sort of “survival of the fittest” atmosphere, where brands that consistently produce quality products are able to dominate, while the ones with questionable quality, slowly die out.

So back to the brand at hand. What about Olevs watches? This is a brand that seemingly has been steadily gaining traction in the online markets over the years. But is it a good brand? Will this brand stand the test of time, or will it whither away, never to be heard from again?

Well that’s exactly what we are going to attempt to determine here. In our Olevs watches review, we will critique the build quality, designs, and pricing of this brand to find out if this is a winner or a loser! So the first thing we need to look at is what we actually do know about Olevs watches.

About Olevs Watches

We know that Olevs is a Chinese brand. They may have been around in some form from as early as 1999. I can’t confirm if this is true or not, but I know that people have been talking about their watches since at least 2013.

Olevs, like many of these Chinese brands, specialize in “budget luxury watches”. These are watches that have the appearance of a luxury watch, but do not match the quality or price of an actual luxury watch. These are great for people who would like to wear luxury styles, but not have to pay a premium.

Olevs Watches Review

Now it’s time to look at some of the details about the watches themselves. We’ll start with the build quality.

Build Quality

Olevs watches use either quartz or automatic movement depending on the model. Their cases are made of stainless steel. The dial windows are typically mineral crystal or glass, but some will be sapphire. Their bands tend to be made of stainless steel, or synthetic leather. Lastly water resistance ranges from 30 to 50 meters, so you won’t be wearing these while swimming or bathing.

As far as the build quality of these watches go, Olevs keeps it basic for the most part. The inclusion sapphire dial windows in some of their watches is the only thing noteworthy about the builds. A lot of budget luxury watch brands do not use sapphire in their builds. Other than that, though, for the most part, there is nothing new under the sun with Olevs watches. That’s completely fine, because these are, of course, relatively inexpensive watches.

Next, let’s take a look at their designs.


I’ll go ahead and say that the designs of Olevs watches are most impressive, especially their tourbillon style watches. Now they do have varying styles from a more simplistic luxury look, to flashier, and even homages to classic Rolex and other luxury watches that everyone loves.

These types of designs would be best for formal or dress attire. An Olevs watch would look great in a suit, but also for a more business casual look as well. They may not be true luxury watches, but the fact that they look the part, is undeniable.

Some of the more low key designs will look pretty good, but possibly go under the radar. The flashier models, however, will no doubt get attention and cause people to want to know more about the watch you are wearing.

So by now you know that these watches are quite fashionable. The next logical question would be, “How much do they cost?”


Olevs watches have varying prices, but they never get too expensive. They range from absolute budget pricing, to mid low prices. It depends on what model you get.

The mechanical watches, of course, are going to be the more expensive ones. For those, you may have to make sure that they fit into your budget, but like I said, even then, they never really get into the “expensive” category.

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Olevs Watches Review: Recommendations

Now if you are really interested in purchasing one of these watches, or learning more about them, here are a couple of great recommendations!

OLEVS Mens Minimalist

Like the name says, this one has a more minimalist design. Even at that, it still has the look of a high end watch. The markers and hands are slim, and look good against the sunburst dial. This watch comes in several different color variants.

It has an analog display powered by quartz movements. The case is stainless steel, and the dial window here is sapphire crystal. Attached to the case is a band made of synthetic leather. It is water resistant 30 meters.

Quick Look

  • simple and elegant appearance
  • quartz movement
  • sapphire crystal dial window
  • synthetic leather band
  • water resistant 30 meters
  • comes in various color options

OLEVS Men Watch Stainless Steel Chronograph

This is one of Olevs’ more extravagant designs. It has chronograph features, as well as a tourbillon look in the lower half near the 6 o’clock position. Note that this is not a real functioning tourbillon escapement. It is just made to look like one. That part actually functions as one of the chronograph sub dials.

This watch has an analog display and uses quartz movement. Both the case and band are made of stainless steel. The dial window is sapphire crystal. It features luminous hands that glow in the dark. The water resistance is 30 meters. This watch comes in several different color variants.

Quick Look

  • striking appearance
  • quartz movement
  • sapphire crystal dial window
  • luminous hands
  • water resistant 30 meters
  • has several different color variations

Final Thoughts – Are Olevs Watches Any Good?

So are Olevs watches any good? Well, in terms of quality and price, Olevs watches are slightly above average as far as budget luxury watches are concerned. So if you really like the styles, specifically the tourbillon style, then they are worth looking into. Otherwise, I was highly impressed with Lige watches. They have some of the most amazing looking luxury styled watches at the some of the lowest prices I’ve seen in these types of watches!

Well that’s the end of our Olevs watches review! If you liked this, and want to see more reviews of lesser known watches, you can check out more of our individual watch, and brand reviews here

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