Luxurman Watches: Iced Out Bust Downs!

luxurman watches

In this article we will be doing a review of Luxurman watches. Now these watches belong to a category commonly referred to as iced out or bust down watches. What this terminology refers to is watches that are encrusted with jewelry such as diamonds. These types of watches are popular among hip hop recording artists … Read more

Are Ferrari Watches Any Good?

are Ferrari watches any good

We all know the appeal of luxury foreign sports cars. Lamborghini, and Bugatti are two notable supercar brands And then, of course, there’s Ferrari. On that note, this article is a Ferrari watches review. It may surprise you that a franchise that focuses on cars would produce watches. But nevertheless, some car manufacturers do branch … Read more

Is Longines A Luxury Brand?

is longines a luxury brand

A common question that comes up about Longines is whether or not it is a luxury brand. This makes sense, as many may not be as familiar with this brand as they are other Swiss luxury brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philipe. So to answer the question quite simply, yes Longines is a Swiss luxury … Read more

Are Seakoss Watches Any Good?

are seakoss watches any good

One look at the name and it will probably become apparent that Seakoss watches is a mushroom brand. So yes it is a Chinese brand that no one has ever heard of that appears on many online markets. And true to form, these watches are indistinguishable from Sugess watches. It would appear that both Sugess, … Read more