Oris Vs Longines – Who Makes the Better Swiss?

In this article, the comparison will be between the two Swiss giants Oris Vs Longines. Both of the brands are well known and respected within the industry. They both have long and storied histories

As Swiss brands, we know that they are going to be held to the highest in terms of quality standards. Both of these brands meet such standards exceptionally well. This is what makes it difficult to judge who makes the better watches.

What we can do, however, is take a look at 3 key factors in every good watch brand. These are: #1 – The build quality, #2 – the design & style, and #3 -the pricing.

By comparing these 3 qualities, we should be able to get a better understanding of which brand between the two does it better. The first thing we will look at though, is a brief introduction into the backgrounds behind these two brands.

About Oris and Longines


Oris was founded in 1904. From its beginnings, Oris was originally a manufacturer of mainly just pocket watches. It was 34 years later before they fully got into the production of wristwatches. This was not without its setbacks though.

In 1934 the Swiss Statute put limits on how new technology could be introduced in watches. This effectively prevented them from using lever escapements in their watches.

However, thanks to a great lawyer, Oris was eventually able to overturn this limitation. This was not to be their only setback.

The quartz crisis that caused quartz watches to overtake the industry in the 1970’s and 80’s, forced Oris to begin production of their own quartz watches. They did not find success with that move.

Ultimately though, by 1982, the company was bought out, restructured, and became known as Oris SA. From there, they ceased production of quartz watches, and put the focus back onto mechanical watches.

Oris found success here and was able to once again establish themselves as a leader of design and quality in Swiss luxury watches.


Longines take the title of the oldest registered watch brand in history. Founded in 1832, Longines officially registered with the Federal Office of Intellectual Property in 1989.

Longines has not only been around a while, but also contributed to the industry in innovative ways. In 1945 Longines created their  Calibre 22a movement. This was the first automatic movement used in a wristwatch. Additionally, Longines also developed the thinnest electrotechnical watch seen at the time.

Longines continues to remain a huge player within the industry. At this time, Longines is ranked #4 in the top most recognized Swiss watch brands in the world. They can even be seen as the official timekeeper for numerous national sporting events.

With those brief intros out of the way, we can now start comparing these two brands’ watches to each other. We will begin by looking at the build quality.

Oris Vs Longines: Build Quality

oris vs longines build quality


They manufacture analog automatic, mechanical watches, using mostly in house movements. A lot of their watches in the past have used either ETA or Sellita movements though.

The cases are made of stainless steel and have sapphire glass windows. Water resistance in their watches can range from as low as 30 meters, up to 500 meters of resistance in select models.


Longines produces analog quartz and automatic watches with ETA movements. Their Cases are majority stainless steel with some gold-plated models as well.

The dial windows here will also be sapphire crystal. Water resistance in their watches can be anywhere from 30 meters to 300 meters of resistance depending on the model.

Which Has Better Builds?

From what we have seen here, Oris has a slight edge when it comes to build quality, especially seeing as how they are moving more towards custom movements. Not to mention some of their dive watches have a very high water resistance rating.

Next, we will be looking at the design and style differences between these two brands.

Oris Vs Longines: Design & Style

oris vs longines design


The Oris brand manages to balance traditional styles, while at the same time keeping things fresh and unique.

On the one hand, you will find the traditional luxury styles such as chronographs and dive watches. But they also have a mix of the brand’s own unique styling. They do so modestly without being overly flashy.


On Longines’ side, you tend to see more styles that stay in line with the classic Swiss luxury look. Just like with Oris’ traditional styles, you get mostly the same thing here.

Longines has an assortment of styles that include chronographs, dive watches, minimalist, business casual and more. If you know Swiss luxury, then you pretty much know what to expect here in terms of style.

Which Has Better Style?

While Longines sticks to the more traditional route, Oris does a better job of finding their own identity in terms of Swiss luxury style.

Now the last factor we will compare is going to be the pricing.

Oris Vs Longines: Pricing

oris vs longines price

When it comes to pricing, these are Swiss luxury watches, so you can expect higher ranges of prices than you would find in your more typical watches. The watches in both brands will have fluctuating prices, but for the most part, they will remain in the higher tier.

With Longines, however, they do have some selections that hit the more mid tier prices. These would be your more affordable options as far as Swiss luxury watches go. So, if you are looking for more entry level prices, Longines does provide such offerings.

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Now finally, what can we conclude from this comparison?

Oris Vs Longines: Final Conclusion

So which brand is better? Based on the factors we have looked at today, It would appear that Oris comes in slightly ahead in terms of build quality and style. However, for more affordable options in Swiss luxury, you may want to take a look at Longines.

But overall, these watch brands are pretty similar in the grand scheme of things, so which one you choose can be more a matter of personal preference.

That’s it for our comparison between Oris and Longines. If you liked this article, we have plenty more like it which can be found here

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