Is Timex Really a Good Brand? Finally, The Truth!

The purpose of this article is to find out whether or not Timex is a good brand. In case you didn’t know, Timex is a popular and well known watch manufacturer that has been around for a while.

While they have been producing watches for quite some time, this company is oftentimes passed up or overlooked. With other brands such as Seiko, or Casio stealing the limelight, some may wonder about how Timex may compare.

Well, today we are going to find out how good a brand Timex really is. In order to come to a conclusion, we need to examine 3 major factors about this brand. These are: the build quality, the design, and the pricing.

Needless to say, brands that offer quality products with great styles at reasonable prices, are most certainly going to do well. So, does Timex achieve this? Let’s find out! First though, how about a little background info on this brand.

About Timex

Timex was originally founded in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut. At this time, it was known as the Waterbury Clock company. Eventually, they went on to purchase the rights to Ingersoll brand watches. Quite some time later, after some setbacks cause by the Great Depression, the company went on to strike a deal with Walt Disney, producing Disney themed watches and clocks.

These Disney themed Mickey Mouse watches were being sold by the company under the Ingersoll brand name. The watches quickly became a hit, saving the company from its financial issues.

Other than watches, the company also produced parts for missiles, as well as aiding in the manufacturing of polaroid cameras. In 1969, the company officially changed its name to “Timex”. By the middle of the 1980’s, Tmex ceased production of other services, and focused strictly on the manufacture of watches.

Timex has had their share of popular watches throughout its history. In the 1950’s, there were the V-conic watches. Then, of course, there is the Ironman series of watches, which is still popular to this day. Timex’s Ironman watch was actually the very first sports watch ever to hit the market.

Now that we know a little bit more about the Timex band, we can now start examining their watches, to find out if they are really worth it or not.

Timex Watches Review

The first thing we’ll be looking at in Timex watches is the build quality.

Build Quality

Timex produces a wide variety of watches which include analog quartz, digital, and also smartwatches. Many of their watches are made with brass cases and have mineral crystal dial windows. Water resistance in Timex watches ranges from 30 to 100 meters on average. These types of builds are not of the highest quality, obviously, but these are not luxury watches.

Their Ironman series, which we mentioned earlier, is built more durably. The Ironman watches are comparable to Casio’s G-Shock line of watches. The Ironman watches are digital watches with resin cases and acrylic dial windows. They are going to have 100 or 200 meters of water resistance.

Verdict on Timex Watches’ Build Quality

Most of the builds are nothing inherently special, and some are a bit subpar at that. Their Ironman series, however, is pretty durable and would be great for outdoor and sporting activities. Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style of this brand.

Design & Style

Timex has a healthy range of styles to choose from. They have simple styles, sports, chronographs, and even retro themed watches.

There is a good amount of variety here for sure. However, there isn’t anything too extraordinary about their styles. Most of these same types of styles can be seen in just about any other brand.

Verdict on Timex Watches’ Design & Style

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to the different styles. There is nothing groundbreaking here though. Now lastly, let’s take a look at the pricing of Timex watches.


This is an area where Timex really shines. Their watches, for the most part, are reasonably priced, and very affordable. Some of their watches are even close to or at bargain bin pricing.

These low price points, in a way, make up for many of the other shortcomings you might find in this brand. Now the prices do vary among models, and not all of them are cheap, but the majority of their watches keep the prices quite low.

This means that there isn’t too much risk involved in purchasing a watch from Timex, as you won’t be spending much. And though Timex watches may not necessarily be high quality timepieces, they do usually last quite a while.

Check Timex Watch Prices on Amazon

Now, if you are interested in purchasing a Timex watch, we do have some popular recommendations!

Timex Watches Review: Recommendations

Timex Weekender

The Timex Weekender is a Timex Classic. It has a simple, sensible appearance paired with a rugged design. There are many variations and color patterns available here. This particular one is unisex and sports both a black dial and band.

It has an analog display and uses Japanese quartz movement. The case is brass, the dial window is mineral crystal, and the band is nylon. Has a water resistance of 30 meters. Also contains backlighting.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • backlight
  • water resistant 30 meters

Timex Ironman

As we mentioned earlier, The Ironman is the watch that started a genre. It’s sleek style and durable build set the standard for sports watches. This one comes in numerous variations as far a size and colors go, but the style remains mostly the same.

This is a quartz watch with a digital display. The case is resin, and the dial window is acrylic. has a 100 meter water resistance.

Features include backlight, stopwatch, and timer, and alarm functions.

Quick Look

  • tough design
  • features backlight, timer, alarm, stopwatch functions
  • water resistant 100 meters

Now with that out of the way, we can go back to the original question as to whether or not Timex is a good brand.

Final Conclusion

So, is Timex a good brand? If you are looking for inexpensive and slightly stylish watches, then yes Timex is a good brand. Add to that, the fact that their products are reputable and long lasting, and you really can’t go wrong.

While they are not a luxury or a fashion brand, they do offer great products for the price. This is one of the reasons Timex is so well known.

That concludes our Timex watches review. If you found this information helpful, then you can check out some of our other reviews of watches and brands here

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