Timex Vs Seiko – Big Brand Battle!

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Timex Vs Seiko. These are both rather large, well known, and prosperous companies.

Each brand produces a variety of watch types suitable for just about any occasion. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to pit these two against each other. The question then is, which one is the better brand? How would we find out anyway?

Well, there are 3 main factors to look at in a watch brand. These are the overall build quality, design, and pricing. A watch brand that balances these 3 factors in perfect harmony, will undoubtedly become very popular and successful.

This makes sense as people are going to want to purchase well crafted, nice looking, affordable watches. So, these are the factors that we are going to be comparing between Timex and Seiko. Before we get into that though, let’s learn a little bit more about these two brands!

About The Brands


Timex is an American watch brand that was founded in 1854. Since its inception, the company has aimed to bring quality watches to the market at affordable prices.

Today, Time is known foe it watches, but the company didn’t start focusing on watches specifically until the 1980s. Prior to that, while they did have their popular V conic watches in the 50’s, the company also manufactured clocks, pocket watches, and other products.

Timex has also brought forth innovation into the industry. They are credited with releasing the first sports watch with their Ironman series, which remains popular to this day.


Seiko is a Japanese watch brand founded in 1881. This brand has had a monumental impact on the entire industry. Seiko introduced quartz watches into the market, and since, Japanese quartz watches have become the gold standard.

Not only that, but Seko also pioneered technology in watches such as their spring drive technology, and their kinetic watches.

With all that being said, Seiko is clearly a major player as far as watch manufacturing goes. They have always strived to be at the forefront of innovation.

And now that we have covered the introductions, we can start comparing these two brands’ watches to each other. The first thing that we’ll be looking at, is the build quality.

Timex Vs Seiko: Build Quality

timex vs seiko build


The Timex group makes analog quartz, digital, and smartwatches of various different styles and types. With such a variety of watches, there is going to be a lot of variation when it comes to the different builds for the different styles.

A lot of their watches will have brass cases and mineral crystal dials. However, their Ironman watches that we mentioned earlier, will be built more for durability.

These will have resin cases, with acrylic dial windows. The water resistance of the Ironman watches will be 200 meters of resistance vs the usual 30 to 100 meters of resistance seen in a lot of their other types of watches.


Seiko, likewise, produces a plethora of different watch types. They make automatic mechanical watches, analog quartz, and digital watches.

The majority of Seiko’s watch cases will be made of stainless steel. For dial windows, Seiko actually has their own proprietary material called Hardlex. While not quite as scratch resistant as sapphire dial windows, Hardlex is still tougher than the standard mineral crystal used in most watch dial windows,

Lastly, water resistance among Seiko’s myriad of watch styles will vary depending on the particular watch. Their standard models will have 30 meters of water resistance, but they also have dive watches with 200 meter water resistance.

Verdict on Build Quality

All things considered, Seiko has more varied builds, considering they make mechanical watches in addition to just about every watch type you can imagine.

The next thing we are going to compare is the design and style of these two brands.

Timex Vs Seiko: Design & Style

timex vs seiko style


As far as styles go, despite having such a wide variety of watch types, most of the styles are pretty ordinary. Nothing really stands out too much from the crowd in terms of style.

Not that any of the styles are really bad either, it’s just that most all of their watch types tend to blend in with the same watch types from other brands.


Seiko, like Timex, has an incredible amount of diversity among its different watch styles. Much like Timex, however, the majority of them are pretty generic styles.

There are some standouts to be found, but they are few and far between. Once again, nothing wrong with the watch designs, but not a whole lot extra in terms of style.

Verdict on Design & Style

When it comes to style, understandably these brands are neither fashion, nor luxury brands. Both Timex and Seiko offer mostly generic designs and styles among their collections.

However, if you are looking for more diverse ranges in these styles, Seiko comes out slightly ahead in terms of style.

Now, finally, the last area of comparison will be the pricing differences between these two brands.

Timex Vs Seiko: Pricing

timex vs seiko price

Both Timex and Seiko are known for producing quality highly affordable, watches. This is true for the most part. Of course, there will be variations in pricing among the different types of watches sold by each brand.

The majority of the watches sold by each brand are going to stand in the lower price ranges. Seiko, does have a lot more watches in the mid range, however.

So, if you are looking for the least expensive options, then Timex sticks mostly to lower priced options, with some absolutely bargain priced options available.

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So now that we’ve compared the differences in build quality, style, and pricing, what can we conclude? Which brand is best?

Final Conclusion

From the comparisons we’ve made today, we can conclude that Seiko has higher quality builds overall, and more diverse styles. Timex is not far behind though, and is a good choice if you are looking for the least expensive watches between the two brands.

And that pretty much covers today’s comparison. If you liked it, then feel free to check out some of our other comparison articles here

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