Stauer Watches – Is Variety Always a Good Thing?

In this article, we are going to review Stauer watches. Stauer is a brand that can be found on the online marketplaces. You may have seen or heard of it, and then again you may not have. Either way, you most likely came here to find out more about this brand, and whether or not it is any good.

In order to find out if Stauer watches are any good, we need to focus on 3 major factors in these watches. These are the build quality, the designs, and the pricing.

Usually you find that when a watch brand has a good balance here, they tend to do pretty well. Affordable quality watches with cool styles that are definitely going to appeal to consumers. So how does Stauer fare here? Let’s find out!

First though, what all do we actually know about this brand?

About Stauer Watches

The story of Stauer is pretty simple. They began in the early 2000’s as a jeweler. The main goal with this company was to produce jewelry that was more reasonably priced.

One of the ways in which they accomplished this feat, was by buying their precious stones in bulk. Buying in large quantities, reduced the overall expense, and allowed them to keep the prices of their jewelry lower.

So, of course, being a jeweler, they produce watches as well. And on tha note, we are going to take a closer look at those.

Stauer Watches Review

The first thing we are going to examine about Stauer is the build quality of their timepieces. What are Stauer watches made of?

Build Quality

Different Stauer watch models have different types of builds. The build is going to vary based on which particular watch you are looking at. It is likely that different types of watches are manufactured, imported, and sold under the Stauer brand name.

The watches will be analog or digital and are powered by quartz movement. Some models use Swiss quartz movement. There is even a model made in Italy. The cases will be made of stainless steel, or metal alloy. Dial windows can be either mineral crystal, or sapphire crystal based on the model. Lastly water resistance varies from no water resistance to some watches having 200 meters of water resistance.

Once again, these watches clearly come from different origins and are all just branded under the Stauer label. The build quality is all over the place. Some of the builds are sub-par, while others are above average. Therefore, it is going to be important to carefully check the specs of each Stauer watch if you are planning on making a purchase here.

Now, let’s take a look at the design and styling of the watches.

Design & Style

In the same vein as the build quality, the designs are all over the place as well. Stauer appears to have no real identity of its own. The different watches are so different, that it is as if you are looking at completely different brands. They have fashion styles, luxury styles, artistic, and even digital sports.

The styles are an amalgamation of pretty much everything. It’s a free for all. I suppose this is good if you like variety. But the reality is, that you can just as well find a brand that specializes in any of these styles. There is no real reason in particular to choose Stauer for these styles.

Finally, let’s examine the pricing.


For the most part, Stauer watches are not going to be too expensive. They are priced anywhere from low to mid. Most of them are in the mid range pricing though. Not too bad, but even then, with such wild variations in quality, between watches, customers may be hesitant to make a purchase.

Once again, before making a purchase, you would have to closely examine the specifications of the particular watch you are getting.

Check Stauer Watches Prices on Amazon

Now, with all that being said, if you must purchase a Stauer watch, we can make it easier to decide by showing you a couple of popular pieces as recommendations.

Stauer Watches Review: Recommendations

Stauer Men’s Stainless Steel Co-Pilot Watch

Here is a pilot’s style watch from Stauer. Very neat looking watch that definitely captures that vintage adventurer vibe.

This is an analog watch that uses Japanese quartz movement. The case is made of stainless steel, and the dial window is mineral crystal. Has a leather band.

Also features 24-hour time and includes full chronograph functionality.

Quick Look

  • Pilot style
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 24 hour time
  • chronograph functionality

Stauer Men’s Automatic Movement 1930 Dashtronic Watch

This one has a unique look. It is styled to look like radio dials and dashboard gauges of the 1930’s era. It is as much a work of art as a watch.

Has a unique analog display and is powered by 21 jewel automatic movement. The case is stainless steel and has a mineral dial window. The band is made out of leather.

Water resistance is 30 meters, so it is splash resistant, but shouldn’t be worn when swimming or showering.

Quick Look

  • Unique 1930’s dashboard themed look
  • 21 jewel automatic movement
  • water resistant 30 meters

Now, to wrap things up, what can we finally conclude about Stauer watches?


After looking more closely into this brand, it is clear that Stauer watches suffer from an identity crisis. On the positive note, there is something for everybody here. This is a great brand for people that like a lot of variety. Browsing through Stauer watches is like being at a flea market. You never know what you are going to find, as there is so much variation among the quality and styles of these watches.

On the negative though, this makes it hard to figure out why one would need to choose a watch from Stauer specifically, when there are many other brands out there that have similar offerings. Stauer does nothing to really stand out as a brand. It is basically a collection of seemingly random watches.

Anyway, that concludes our Stauer watches review. If you found this information relevant and engaging, then don’t hesitate to check out some of our other reviews of individual watches or brands. Those can be found here

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