Fossil VS Invicta: American Fashion Vs Luxury

In todays article, we will be comparing Fossil Vs Invicta watches. These two brands are both well known major players in the watch industry. With that being said, it would be interesting to see how these two brands compare when paired up against each other. Can you really say that one brand is truly better than the other?

Or is it a case of each brand being good in their own respective ways. After all, Fossil is a fashion focused brand, while Invicta is more of a budget luxury brand. We will explain more about that in the next part.

About Fossil And Invicta


Fossil is an American company that puts the focus on fashion, as stated earlier. What this means is that their watches are going to be geared towards style and trends more than anything. Examples of this would be brands such as Anne Klein, or Daniel Wellington.

While doing this, their primary goal is to keep their products affordable. So ultimately, what you would end up with is very fashionable watches that are affordable to the average consumer. So far, they have achieved this, as the company has made great strides in growth since its formation in the mid 80’s.


Invicta is also an American company. Their watches are intended to be affordable luxury watches. Luxury watches are brands that focus on exquisite craftmanship and accuracy. Notable brands include Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Omega.

Invicta even has a history with Swiss roots. We all know that Swiss watches are revered as the pinnacle of quality when it comes to watches. Invicta actually began as a purely Swiss watch brand way back in 1837.

However, the introduction of quartz watches caused the company great turmoil. It was later bought out by an American company in 1991. Since then it has grown to become a major player in the industry.

Now with those brief backgrounds out of the way, we can begin comparing these two brands by looking at the construction, style, and pricing of their watches.

Fossil Vs Invicta: Construction

fossil invicta construction

We’ll start by looking at the construction of these brands’ watches.


Fossil produces quartz, automatic, and smartwatches. For their cases they use stainless steel, which is the standard material typically used in watch cases. Their dial widows are mineral crystal, which is also a common component to watches.

The bands will be made from silicone, stainless steel, or leather. The water resistance on their watches is not going to be much, typically having about 30 meters of resistance. The construction overall is not bad for a budget fashion watch brand.


Invicta manufactures both quartz and automatic watches. They use stainless steel cases. They have variety in their dial windows as some are mineral, some are sapphire, and some are made of Invicta’s own proprietary “flame fusion” mineral windows. This is supposed to be a tougher version of mineral window.

Invicta watch bands can be made of stainless steel, polyurethane, leather, or silicone. For water resistance, Invicta watches can vary from as low as 30 meters of resistance in their basic watches, to as high as 300 meters in some of their diving models.

Verdict On Construction

It is apparent that Invicta watches are more well built on average, than Fossil watches. This is not surprising considering that Fossil is a fashion brand. As such, they do not put as much focus on durability, as these watches are not intended for harsh environments. Invicta, on the other hand, has watches suited for environments such as deep diving.

Fossil Vs Invicta: Design & Style

fossil invicta style

Next, we’ll look at how these two brands fare when it comes to style.


Style is Fossil’s forte, as their main goal is affordable fashion. They produce a variety of both trendy, and contemporary watch styles. Fossil’s styles are highly praised, frequently garnering recognition from industry leaders. With many unique watch designs, they have made quite the name for themselves when it comes to fashion.


Invicta is no slouch either when it comes to style, as they have an impressive library of different styles and designs. From their dive watches, to the more modern looks, Invicta definitely has some standouts when it comes to design. Basically there is going to be something for everybody when it comes to Invicta’s varied watch styles.

Verdict On Style

When you look at design and style, both Fossil and Invicta have their own unique approach to fashion, and are pretty evenly matched in this area.

Fossil Vs Invicta: Pricing

fossil invicta price

Lastly, we will look at the pricing of these two brands. Both Fossil and Invicta watches come in different price ranges from budget, to mid priced, and even some semi-expensive watches. However, if you are looking for less expensive watches, you will generally find that Invicta has more offerings in the budget range than Fossil.

Check Fossil Prices On Amazon

Check Invicta Prices On Amazon

Final Conclusion

When looking at the factors we have covered here, Invicta has the better builds, holds its own when it comes to fashion, and has many decent offerings at lower prices, when you compare them to Fossil.

So does this mean you should go run out and buy an Invicta watch? Not necessarily. It would still be a good idea to thoroughly browse through the selections of both Invicta, and Fossil to see what you like. After all, these brands do have different styles, and one brand may appeal to you more than the other.

Each brand brings something different to the table. For instance, if you are looking for a diving watch, you would definitely have to go with Invicta, as Fossil doesn’t even make diving watches. But when it comes to fashion, check them both out, and see which one you like the best!

That’s it for our Fossil Vs Invicta comparison! If you liked this article and the information provided within it, we have many other Vs articles you might like which you can check out here

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