Nektom Watches Review: Affordable Swiss Watches?

In our Nektom watches review, we will be taking a look at another rather obscure brand. You may have heard of this brand in passing and wanted to know a little bit more about it. Or maybe you came across this article by accident, and are curious about this brand. Well wonder no more, because we are here to give you all of the details about Nektom watches!

When it comes to brand reviews, the main things people want to know is where the watches are made, and if they are any good. We are going to answer those questions and more. So for starters, what do we really know about Nektom watches?

About Nektom Watches

First off, Nektom would be considered a “budget luxury” watch brand. These are inexpensive watch brands designed to emulate the look of a more expensive luxury watch. Next, Nektom claims to be a Swiss watch brand. Their mission statement is to provide quality Swiss watches at affordable prices to consumers. Now if they are, in fact, a Swiss brand, it is interesting to note that their headquarters is located in the Gongshu District, in Hangzhou City, in the Zhejiang Province in China.

This would imply that they are, in fact a Chinese brand, however, it is also possible that the parts or movements themselves are Swiss made, but then manufactured and shipped from China. After all, Citizen watches did begin with a partnership between Japanese and Swiss investors, so I suppose a similar thing could be going on with Nektom watches.

Also keep in mind, that for a watch to truly be considered an authentic Swiss watch, it has to meet some pretty strict criteria. So once again, I cannot verify or confirm how or to what extent these watches are “Swiss”.

In any event, let’s look into the details of these watches. We are going to take a look at the construction, design, and pricing of Nektom watches. After examining all of these factors, we should be able to come to a reasonable conclusion about them.

Nektom Watches Review

The first thing we will examine, is the construction of Nektom watches.


Nektom produces analog watches that use quartz movement. Both the cases and bands are made of stainless steel. Nektom does use sapphire dial windows on their watches. Their watches also only have a water resistance of 30 meters, so they are not really suitable for aquatic activities.

Overall, the build quality is pretty decent. Sapphire dial windows are being used, which adds to the quality of the watches. That’s what really brings them up a notch. This is especially true considering how low these are priced.

Design And Style

One thing I can say for sure about Nektom watches in that they do look pretty good. They have a sophisticated look and style to them. This look may not be for everybody, but it certainly has its appeal.

Nektom has watches in minimalist styles, chronograph, and also skeleton window styles. These watches would fit best in either casual settings, or with more formal attire. Most of their watches also come in several different color variants as well.

Overall though, I can say that they are, in fact very stylish watches. Not the best by far, but not bad at all either. Once again, you would have to browse their watches to see if you find something you like.


Nektom watches are very affordably priced. They are priced on the very low end of the pricing spectrum, so they will likely fit most any budget. Not quite bargain bin, but still very reasonable. You are definitely getting a good value for the asking price of these watches.

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Next, if you are looking to purchase a Nektom watch, we have a couple of recommendations.

Nektom Watches Review: Recommendations

NEKTOM Men’s Watches with Mechanical Appearance

This particular watch shows off Nektom’s flashier side. This one is gold and silver colored, but they also come in other color combinations. It has a skeleton dial displaying the mechanical parts of the watch.

This watch has an analog display and is powered by quartz movement. The case and the band are both made of stainless steel. The dial window is sapphire. You only get 30 meters of water resistance with this watch, so it is not ideal for aquatic activities.

It also comes with chronograph functions, and luminous hands. Beyond that though, there really aren’t any additional special features.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • sapphire dial window
  • skeleton dial window
  • chronograph functions
  • luminous hands
  • 30 meters water resistance

NEKTOM Minimalist Business Casual Men’s Watch

Here is one of the more minimalist offerings from Nektom. This watch has a sleek, slender, and simple appearance. It also comes in other color variations.

This watch has an analog display. It uses quartz movement, and has chronograph functions, as well as a date window. The dial window is synthetic sapphire crystal. The case and the band are both made of stainless steel, and the water resistance in this one is only 30 meters, so it’s not meant to be used much underwater.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • sapphire crystal window
  • date window
  • chronograph functions
  • water resistance of 30 meters

Nektom Watches Review: Conclusion

So what I get out of the information presented here is that Nektom watches are pretty decent for the price. However, I wouldn’t purchase one with the expectation of receiving a true luxury Swiss watch. That is simply not the case here. Once again, this is more of a budget luxury styled watch. But they are decent for what they are, and one can certainly appreciate what they bring to the table.

These watches also remind me of another similar watch brand called Olevs. They too, are similarly priced, and provide a luxury look at these kind of low prices.

And that does it for our Nektom watches review! If you enjoyed this article and found it informative, you can find many more of our individual watch and brand reviews here

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