Is Fossil A Good Watch Brand Or Not?

The purpose of this article is to talk in depth about Fossil watches. But first, we will give you the short, sweet answer to the question you likely came here for. Is Fossil a good watch brand? Well, yes Fossil is a good watch brand if you are looking for fashionable watches at reasonable prices.

So why did I say it like that? The truth is, that it is not always that easy to determine whether a watch brand is good or not. You also have to figure out if the particular brand you are looking at will suit your specific needs.

For example, let’s say you were looking for the toughest watch possible. In this scenario, Fossil watches would not be a good choice, as they are not made to withstand harsh environments. In this case, something like G-Shock, would be more appropriate.

I also think that it is important to note that Fossil is not a luxury watch brand. Luxury watches fall into the high end category, and as such, would be many times more expensive than Fossil watches. Fossil is a designer watch, or fashion watch. These are watches that are intended to be progressive, or trendy for the times.

So we have established that Fossil is a good watch brand when it comes to fashion. In the next part, we will talk about what specific factors actually make Fossil a good brand.

Why Fossil Is A good Watch Brand

Now we’re going to go into details about why this brand is considered a good brand.

Build Quality

fossil watches brand build

The first thing would be the build quality of their watches. Its not so much that Fossil has extraordinary builds. In fact, the build quality of their watches is quite average. But this is a good thing as you will soon see.

Fossil manufactures quartz, automatic, and smartwatches. Their watches have cases made of stainless steel, and dial windows made of mineral crystal. Depending on what particular model you’re looking at, the bands will be made of materials such as stainless steel, leather, and silicone. As for water resistance, 30 meters of resistance is about as much as you are going to get out of a Fossil watch, so do take care to keep them away from water.

As I mentioned before, the build quality of Fossil watches is about as average as it gets. But that’s not a bad thing considering that Fossil is pretty much a fashion-centric brand. Fashion based watch brands, especially the inexpensive ones, usually don’t have a focus on premium materials or durable construction.

This is due in part to the fact that these types of watches are meant for casual, or formal occasions, and not for activities such a hunting, or hiking. Fossil actually stands out in this area for meeting the standards of average build quality. You tend to find that a lot of lower priced fashion watches will use lower grade and cheaper materials in their construction, such as glass dial windows, and various other alloys in their cases.

Style & Design

This is another area where Fossil shines. They are a fashion watch brand that gets fashion right! They have an assortment of contemporary and trendy designs in their library. Fossil has enough variety in their selections that there will undoubtedly be something that any watch lover can appreciate.

And while we’re on the subject of design, Fossil watches actually won the fashion tech of the year award in 2017. This win was due to the design and functionality of Fossil’s smartwatches. In any event, wins like this further go to show Fossil’s innovation in fashion and tech.


fossil brand pricing

Here we have another key area where Fossil stands out with its watches, and that is the pricing. I had mentioned before that Fossil is not a luxury brand, but it is a designer brand. While it is true that designer brands are going to be much less expensive than luxury brands, some designer brands can be far more expensive than others.

In the case of Fossil, it is considered a less expensive designer brand. Fossil’s prices range from the lower to mid range, depending on what particular model you are looking at.

Check Fossil Watch Prices On Amazon

Now that we’ve covered the various aspects of Fossil watches, if you are indeed interested in purchasing one, we have a couple of recommendations.

Fossil Watches Recomendations

Fossil Men’s Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch

Here is a fashionable chronograph watch from Fossil. It has a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing design, complete with Roman Numeral time markers. It comes in several different color variations.

This watch features an analog display and uses quartz movement. It has a stainless steel case, mineral crystal dial window, and a leather strap. Like most Fossil watches, it has 30 meters of water resistance.

This watch does have full chronograph features. In addition to that, it has a quick release for the strap, which makes it easy to use interchangeable watch straps.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • chronograph features
  • quick release for interchangeable straps
  • 30 meters of water resistance

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle

This is a popular smartwatch from Fossil. It has both a modern design and modern features. It has a digital touch screen display and runs the Wear OS operating system by Google.

The Gen 5 Carlyle has a built in GPS, and also tracks activity, heart rate, and sleep. It is compatible with most social media apps, as well as many other of the numerous apps out there. You can also make payments from the watch itself.

When synced with your smartphone, you will get text and app notifications. You can also take and answer calls with the built in speaker. It has 30 meters water resistance.

Quick Look

  • smartwatch features
  • Google’s Wear OS operating system
  • tracks fitness and activities
  • heart rate monitor
  • built in speaker for taking calls
  • can make payments using the watch
  • 30 meters of water resistance


I believe I’ve covered many of the reasons as to why Fossil is a good watch brand. Once again though, a brand can only be as good as the extent to which it covers your needs. If Fossil has the qualities you are looking for in a watch, then it is the brand for you.

I hope you found this article helpful. You can see more of our reviews of individual watches and brands here

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