Seiko Vs Fossil: Japanese Innovation Meets American Fashion

In this comparison, we will be looking at Seiko Vs Fossil. These are two widely known watch brands. Each of these brands have their own specialties in the watch industry. It will be interesting to see how these two watch companies compare to each other.

When it comes to watches, people love to make comparisons between individual watches, as well as brands. This is especially true, when a person is ready to purchase a watch. Keep in mind, that different brands have different things to offer. If you know what you are looking for in a watch, then once you find out what a particular brand has to offer, it will then become pretty clear which one to go with.

With that being said, we will take a look at what both Seiko and Fossil have to offer. When it comes to choosing the best brand, there are some definite key points to look at. You have to look at the overall build quality, design, and pricing of each brand. This will tell you a lot about which brand may be superior to the other.

Before we begin examining those aspects of these brands’ watches, let’s take a look at the brands themselves.

About Seiko And Fossil


Seiko is a Japanese company that has a long and storied history in the industry. The company has been around since the 1800’s, and has pioneered several innovations in the industry over the years. The most notable achievement by far is the introduction of quartz watches into the market. This caused a monumental shift in the industry, the effects of which are still seen today.

This, combined with their other numerous achievements within the industry, has cemented them as a huge force within the world of watch enthusiasts. Even today, Seiko seeks continuous innovation and growth..


Fossil is an American company with the major focus being on fashion. They are a relatively young company, having been founded in the 80’s. But even in the short time they have been around, they have become a driving force within the fashion industry.

When it comes to watches, Fossil’s focus is on producing fashionable watches at affordable prices. With their contemporary styles, premium look, and low pricing, they can appeal to a wide consumer base. They have grown over the years, and gained a favorable reputation.

Seiko Vs Fossil: Quality Of Build

seiko fossil build quality

Now that we’ve been introduced to these brands, we are going to start comparing their watches. The first thing we’ll look at is the quality of the build.


Seiko manufactures quartz, as well as automatic watches. Their watches have stainless steel cases, which is pretty typical. When it comes to dial windows, however, Seiko has their own brand of mineral crystal called hardlex. Hardlex is more scratch resistant than typical mineral dial windows, but not quite as scratch resistant as sapphire.

The watch bands come in various material types such as stainless steel, leather, silicone, rubber, or polyurethane. When it comes to water resistance, Seiko has models that range from as low as 30 meters of water resistance, up to 200 meters as seen in their diving watches.


Fossil also manufactures quartz and automatic, as well as smartwatches. Their watch cases are stainless steel as well. Their dial windows are made of mineral crystal. The bands can be made of stainless steel, leather, silicone, etc. depending on the model. Fossil watches typically don’t have much water resistance, with most models offering just 30 meters of water resistance.

Verdict On Quality Of Build

Seiko takes the lead when it comes to build quality, as they have hardlex dial windows, and have more watches offering a higher water resistance than Fossil.

This is not surprising considering that Fossil is more of a fashion focused brand. These types of brands normally don’t invest too much into durability, as these watches are meant to be worn in more casual settings.

Next, we’ll see how these two brands compare when it comes to style.

Seiko Vs Fossil: Design & Style

seiko fossil style


While not being primarily a fashion focused brand, Seiko does offer a wide range of styles. Seiko has dress watches, diving watches, sport watches, and even luxury watches. They have some very nice looking designs. They don’t really offer much in the way of uniqueness, but the variety of styles they do have are more than adequate.


Fossil built their reputation around style, and it definitely shows! They have some very interesting and unique styles in their library. Many designs are contemporary, and others are more of a standout by comparison. Unsurprisingly, they have even won awards for having such fashionable watches.

Verdict On Design & Style

Fossil is the clear winner when it comes to stylish designs and fashionable watches. Fashion is their specialty, and they are quite good at it.

The last area we are going to draw up comparisons is in the pricing of these two brands.

Seiko Vs Fossil: Pricing

seiko fossil pricing

When it comes to pricing, both brands have inexpensive watches and mid prices watches. For the most part, with both of these brands you can find something in a price range that will fit just about any budget.

Both Seiko and Fossil are pretty evenly matched when it comes to pricing.

Check Seiko Prices On Amazon

Check Fossil Prices On Amazon

Okay, so what is the final conclusion of this matchup between Seiko Vs Fossil?

Final Conclusion

Based on the factors we have looked at today, Seiko has a wider variety of watch types with higher quality builds than Fossil. That is not to say that there is no place for Fossil though. Fossil is clearly the brand you want to look at if you are looking for a trendy, contemporary fashionable watch. Seiko, is more of a jack of all trades, so if you are looking for anything and everything else, then Seiko is the go to brand.

That completes our Seiko vs Fossil comparison. If you liked this comparison and want to see some of our others, you can check those out here

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