Corgeut Railmaster Review: Omega Alternative!

In this article, we will be reviewing the Corgeut Railmaster. This is the Corgeut homage to the Omega Railmaster. Now we have previously taken a look at the Corgeut Aqua Terra, and that was a pretty good watch. Can the Corgeut Railmaster keep up with the same level of quality as some of Corgeut’s other offerings? That is what we intend to find out by taking a more in depth look at the Corgeut Railmaster. To start, let’s take a look at the watch that Corgeut is taking inspiration from.

Omega is brand a brand that is well known for producing premium, high quality Swiss luxury watches. The Railmaster is one of their watches first introduced in the 1950’s. The Omega Railmaster was originally designed to incorporate anti magnetic technology. The purpose of this feature was to combat the effects that magnetic fields have on the accuracy of watches. This particular model was intended for use among those who worked around electrical or magnetic fields. Despite what it was originally made for, the style of this watch caught on.

Now of course an original Omega Railmaster can cost thousands of dollars. The Corgeut version, however, is far cheaper. Unlike the Omega version, Corgeut’s Railmaster doesn’t have any anti magnetic features. I seriously doubt that very many people desire this watch for that particular quality though. Anyway, let’s take a more detailed look at the Corgeut Railmaster!

Corgeut Railmaster Review

Quick Look

  • Miyota 821A automatic, self winding movement
  • sapphire crystal dial window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 50 meters

As always, when trying to determine if a particular watch is any good, we would need to look at the build quality, design, features, and pricing. First though, let’s take a look at the specs.


  • This watch has an analog display.
  • It features Japanese automatic movement.
  • The case is 41mm in diameter and 11.5mm thick.
  • The band is men’s standard length.

Build Quality

Now, we’ll get into the build quality. It has a stainless steel case with a dial window made of sapphire crystal. The sapphire is a high quality scratch resistant dial window. The band is made from denim material. It has a water resistance of 50 meters, so do not take it with you while bathing or swimming. It should be ok if it gets a little wet, though.

This watch does feature Japanese, automatic, self winding movement. With self winding movements, the natural motion of your arms will wind the watch and provide power to the mainspring, reducing the need for manual winding. This one uses the Miyota 821A movement.

From what I have seen here, I can honestly say that this is an impressive build for a more inexpensive homage. To include self winding movement, as well as a sapphire crystal dial window in a “budget luxury” watch is not often seen. But this is one area that Corgeut excels in.

Next, we’ll check out the design.


Corgeut does a very good job at recreating the original Railmaster. While it comes in various colors, the one we are looing at here is the black dial version. The Corgeut brand name can be found just beneath the 12 o’clock position. Then at the bottom of the dial, just above the 6 o’clock position, you will see a description of the water resistance, as well as the fact that the watch is self winding.

The goldish colored markings and hands contrast nicely against the black dial. You will also notice subtle vertical lines running through the dial, which is a neat effect. The black denim strap is stylish, and goes well with the black dial. On the back of the watch case, you will find an exhibition case back showing off that Miyota movement. This back window is made of mineral crystal.

So overall the watch looks great. Sometimes, homage watches have kind of a cheaper look to them, but that is not the case here! The Corgeut Railmaster pulls of the luxury look and style of the original quite nicely.


Next, we’ll check out the features of this watch. Most luxury watches don’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles to them, and the homages are no exception. It does have a screw down crown, which isn’t really necessary for a watch you won’t be wearing under water. But hey, its there, right?

The watch is also luminous, meaning it has hands and markers that will glow in the dark. The brightness level, at least for the watch hands, is pretty decent for a lower priced watch. That luminosity will not last very long though, but that’s to be expected in these types of watches. Aside from that though, no other features are present besides just adjusting the time.


Now. we’re going to talk about the pricing structure. The Corgeut Railmaster is definitely a budget luxury watch. It has a mid level price when it comes to homage watches. It’s not the cheapest one out there, but it is still pretty inexpensive, all things considered.

While not being dirt cheap, it should still fit within most people’s budgets. That’s the thing about Corgeut. They keep their watches affordable. And to have this kind of quality at a low price is an all around good deal.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Corgeut impresses with a quality watch at a very affordable price. Corgeut is a Chinese brand, and a lot of these Chinese brands have definitely stepped their game up quite a bit. They are starting to far exceed previous expectations. The Corgeut Railmaster is a perfect example of this. It has quality mechanical self winding movement, as well as a sapphire crystal window, at prices that are hard to beat. This watch is an all around good deal.

So if you were looking for a good Omega Railmaster homage, this one is one of the best I’ve seen. And on that note, this concludes our Corgeut Railmaster review. I hope that the information here has been helpful and informative! If you would like to see more of or reviews of watches, and watch brands, you can do so here

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