Corgeut Aqua Terra: High Quality Homage?

Here at Wristweargear, we spend a lot of time looking at luxury styled homage watches. There’ is just something about being able to actually get your hands on a watch that looks exactly like an expensive luxury watch. With that being said, the subject of today’s article will be the Corgeut Aqua Terra. This is Corgeut’s homage to the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra.

Corgeut is another Chinese watch company that produces high quality homages of luxury watches. Although the Corgeut name was trademarked in 2017, they likely have been producing watches since before then. Many of these Chinese companies fall under a term coined as a “mushroom brand”. These are interconnected brands that seemingly come out of nowhere, and sell products on various online marketplaces. It is likely that these brands’ parts are produced in the same factory. Corgeut appears to be one such brand.

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is a popular luxury watch produced by the Company Omega. Omega is a Swiss watch manufacturer known for producing expensive high quality luxury watches. Needless to say, a genuine Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra goes for prices ranging in the thousands of dollars.

This is where the Corgeut Aqua Terra comes in. With this watch, Corgeut attempts to match the look and feel of the original. So, did Corgeut succeed in creating a quality homage to Omega’s Aqua Terra? Let’s take a closer look at it and find out!

Corgeut Aqua Terra Review

Quick Look

  • automatic self winding movement
  • sapphire crystal dial window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 50 meters

What we are going to be looking at here is mainly the build quality, design, features, and pricing. By examining these factors, we can determine if this watch is indeed a good deal or not. But before we even get started on that, let’s check out the specs on the Corgeut Aqua Terra.


  • Display Type: This watch has an analog display
  • Movement Type: It uses automatic, self winding movement
  • Case Size: The case has a diameter of 41mm, and a thickness of 11.5mm
  • Band Size: The band is men’s standard length, and is 20mm wide

Build Quality

Now we can take a look at the build quality. The Corgeut Aqua Terra has both a case and band made of stainless steel. The dial window is sapphire crystal. It is water resistant 50 meters, so it will be ok if it gets a little wet, but make sure that you do not fully submerge it in water.

This watch does use automatic, self winding movement. I believe it uses the Miyota 8215 movement. So already, we are seeing a much higher than average quality to this product. Self winding movement, along with a sapphire crystal window, are quite uncommon in low cost homages. This build quality matches that of the Parnis Datejust, which we previously reviewed.

I had mentioned mushroom brands earlier, and many believe that both Parnis and Corgeut are part of the same mushroom brand. That would explain the similarities in quality. But, as tends to be the case with these brands, that information cannot be verified for certain.


Next, we are going to take a look at the design. And as expected in a homage watch, at first glance it is the spitting image of the Omega Aqua Terra. Both the case and band are silver in color. The dial itself comes in different colors. The one featured here is blue.

At the upper portion of the watch dial, however, you will see the Corgeut brand name. Then, on the lower part of the dial, you will see text describing it as a self winding chronometer along with its water resistance rating. The crown on this watch is a screw down.

The angular pointed markers are nearly identical to the Omega version. It even has the same styled hour, minute, and seconds hands. The hour hand has a more angular point, similar to the shape of the markers. The minute hand has the arrow shape to it, while the seconds hand has ta pointed tip. There is also the signature date window positioned at the 3 o’clock marker.

The case features is an exhibition style case back, which allows you to see the actual watch movement in action. The band is a chain link style, which is pretty common in watches in general, especially luxury or dress watches.


When it comes to features, as with most luxury and dress watches, the Corgeut Aqua Terra keeps things simple. Using the crown, you can adjust the time; and the date can be adjusted by pulling the crown out.

The only other feature present in this watch is its luminosity. Both the hands and markers are luminous. For a low cost luxury styled watch, the brightness of the luminosity is pretty decent.


For everything that you get in this watch, the Corgeut Aqua Terra is pretty competitively priced. It hits the same median price range that you tend to find in these homage watches.

There are, of course cheaper homages than this, but they more than likely will not have sapphire crystal windows and self winding automatic movements. All in all, to get these features at this price, is quite impressive to say the least.

Final Thoughts On The Corgeut Aqua Terra

When you look at what you are getting overall, the Corgeut Aqua Terra gives you a high quality Omega homage at a fair price. This watch once again proves that not all Chinese made watches are of a poor quality.

There is still a stigma surrounding Chinese watch brands, but when you look at brands such as Corgeut, Parnis, or Pagani Design, for instance, you find that many Chinese brands do, in fact, produce quality products.

That concludes our review of the Corgeut Aqua Terra. I hope that this article has been both interesting and informative. If you enjoyed this one, then for more reviews of watches, and watch brands, you can check out our reviews section here

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