Tevise Watches Review: Chinese Luxury-Style Automatics

Here at Wristweargear, we love covering these Chinese luxury style watches that are popping up all over the place. In this review, we are looking at Tevise watches. Tevise is another one of those “budget luxury” styled brands. Many of these types of brands are known for producing homages to other well known expensive brands such as Rolex, Omega, or Audemars Piguet, for example.

Now I know that a lot of people are still pretty skeptical about Chinese watch brands. There is a common misconception that all Chinese brands are low quality and junk. While it is true that this may be the case sometimes, it is not always true. As with any types of watches there will be hits and misses.

We like to give unbiased and objective opinions on watches regardless of where they were made or by what company. So we will do that here with Tevise watches. We are going to be looking at the 3 major factors to look at in a watch brand, which are: the build quality, design, and pricing.

Tevise Watches Review

Let’s go ahead and jump right into this review. As I stated earlier, the first question that comes to mind when looking at Chinese watch brands is the question of build quality. So let’s take a look at the build quality of these watches!

Build Quality

Tevise watches have analog displays and use automatic movements. Most likely these are Tongji movements, which are the Chinese standard movement. Now while Tevise watches claim to have automatic movements, a lot of users report that the watches still must be manually wound in order to stay powered. It’s a minor gripe, but that is something to keep in mind about these watches.

Other than that, Tevise watches use fairly typical materials. They have stainless steel cases, and mineral crystal dial windows. The bands will be made of either stainless steel, or leather. These watches do not have much, if any water resistance, so they should be kept away from water completely. Some models give you 30 meters of water resistance, while others have no water resistance whatsoever.

From what I have seen of the build quality, it is not very impressive at all. It is cool that they have mechanical movements at these low prices, but as I said before, some consumers have had issues with them.

Add to that the fact that some of their watches have no water resistance whatsoever, and you end up with an overall pretty lackluster build. But what about the designs of their watches?

Style & Design

Tevise offers a plethora of styles and designs in their watches. They have the typical luxury styles you would expect from this type of brand. But in addition to that , they have several unique styles all their own.

Some of these styles take a much more artistic approach to timekeeping. Others you will notice, have Chinese themes and symbolism. This is an interesting addition to design that you just don’t often see in these types of brands.

Ultimately, though, when it comes to design and style, Tevise offers a solid take on it. Having standard luxury styles, as well as more artistic, and cultural design choices, sets them apart from the crowd in a good way.


Lastly, we are going to look at the pricing structure of Tevise watches. These watches are priced on the low end of the pricing spectrum, making them extremely affordable. This is one of the pros to a lot of these Chinese watch brands. They tend to have very low prices, and therefore are usually a low risk investment.

While not quite bargain bin, Tevise watches come pretty close! You will not have to worry about budgeting too much to afford one of these.

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So now that you have seen the pros and cons of Tevise watches, if you are, in fact, interested in purchasing one, we have a couple of recommendations for you!

Tevise Watches: Recommendations

Tevise Submariner

This is the Tevise homage to the Rolex Submariner. The Submariner is a classic and highly regarded entry in Rolex’s storied history. As such, it has spawned many homages. This Tevise model certainly captures the look and style of the famous watch! There is also an exhibition case back showing off the movement of the watch. This one has a black dial, but it does come in other color combinations.

This watch has an analog display and utilizes automatic self winding movement. The case and band are made of stainless steel, and it has a mineral dial window. It is water resistant 30 meters, so it is not suitable for getting wet. This watch also features a date window as well as luminous hands and markers.

Quick Look

  • automatic self winding movement
  • mineral dial window
  • exhibition case back
  • date window
  • luminous hands and markers
  • water resistant 30 meters

Tevise Fashionable Mechanical Watch

This one displays a more unique style. It is a moonphase watch with sub dials. It also has an expedition case back. Very cool looking watch overall.

It has an analog display, and uses automatic self winding movement. The case of the watch and the band are both made of stainless steel. The dial window is mineral. This watch is only water resistant 30 meters, so keep it out of water. It also includes luminous hands for visibility in the dark.

Quick Look

  • moonphase watch
  • exhibition case back
  • automatic self winding movement
  • mineral dial window
  • luminous hands
  • water resistant 30 meters

Tevise Watches Review: Final Verdict

So after looking at all of the details, is Tevise a good watch brand? It’s an ok brand if you are looking for very cheap mechanical, automatic luxury styled watches with unique designs. However, the overall quality is questionable, as we have seen with some of the issues people have had with these watches.

If you are looking for budget Chinese luxury styled mechanical automatic watches of a better quality, I would recommend spending a bit more money and going with either Cadisen, or Parnis. If, however you must absolutely have a mechanical automatic watch at the cheapest possible price, then Tevise watches will suit your needs.

That completes our Tevise watches review. You can see more of our reviews of watches and watch brands here

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