Cadisen Watches Review: Discount Luxury Watches

In this Cadisen watches review, we will be delving into yet another “budget luxury” watch brand. Watches in this category are not actual luxury watches of course. What they really are is watches that have a luxury look or appeal to them, while maintaining an affordable price point.

Oftentimes, you will see a lot of luxury alternatives, or homages to famous luxury watches in this category. Now it is certainly a good thing that some companies produce luxury styled watches at prices the average person can afford. After all, real luxury watches can have prices in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people cannot afford these.

Cheaper luxury styled watches solve this problem. The thing you have to look at though is the quality of these watches. Not all cheaper luxury styled watches are created equal. Some provide great value for the price, while others are just junk with a nice looking exterior.

Part of what we do is try to figure out what the quality of these watches is, and if they are worth their price. So with that being said, let’s take a look at Cadisen watches!

About Cadisen Watches

Cadisen is a Chinese watch brand that makes analog watches. Their watches can use either automatic movements, or quartz movements.

The main distinguishing feature of this brand is the production of luxury styled watches at very affordable prices.

Cadisen Watches Review

The main factors we will be looking at in this review are the build quality, design, and pricing. By examining these factors, we should be able to get a good idea of the true value of these watches.

So let’s start by taking a look at the general build structure of Cadisen watches.

Build Quality

Cadisen watches’ cases are usually made of stainless steel, or a combination of other alloys. The bands are also made of stainless steel or other alloys, as well as some models having leather bands.

The dial windows are made of mineral crystal a lot of times or can also be made of glass. Some models even have sapphire crystal dial windows. The water resistance of these watches range from 30 to 100 meters depending on the make and model.

The overall build quality is pretty decent for the most part and on par with many of the other discount luxury watches out there. I’d say that the inclusion of sapphire glass windows in some models is a plus for sure.

Now let’s look at the main draw of these watches:

The Designs

So I’d been mentioning that Cadisen watches are a ‘discount luxury” brand. This is the area where they really shine. Their styles range from minimalist, to elegant, and even diving styled watches. (though they won’t have the water resistance of an actual divers watch) They also make homages to other famous luxury watches.

The majority of their watches will look good in formal attire, but many are good for casual as well. A lot of their different styles have various different options in color patterns as well, so you have plenty to choose from.

For people that like luxury watches or luxury styles, Cadisen watches do not disappoint as far as style goes. They look good and will definitely compliment your wardrobe.

The next part we’ll discus will be:


For luxury styled watches, Cadisen is on the less expensive end. Many of their watches are as low as half the price of their competitors. It can be argued that some of the other brands have superior quality, but Cadisen watches have consistently garnered favorable reviews.

With that being said, I don’t see a whole lot of quality issues in these watches, so with the type of pricing they have going on, they are definitely a brand to look into.

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Ok, so if you are considering purchasing a Cadisen watch, I’ll give you some recommendations.

Cadisen Watches Review: Recommendations

Cadisen Royal Oak Homage

This watch is Cadisen’s Homage to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak luxury watch collection. It is sometimes dubbed the Cadisoak, a name borrowed from the Casio watch that has a similar style.

Anyway, this is an analog watch that uses Seiko’s NH36A automatic movements. The case and band are both stainless steel. It’s dial window is mineral crystal. There is a calendar date window at the 3 o’clock position. Lastly, it has a water resistance of 50 meters.

Overall this is a stylish watch. The exhibition case back is really neat to look at as well. This watch also comes in a variety of color variants. If you like the style of the Royal Oak, then this watch will surely be appealing to you.

Quick Look

  • stainless steel case and band
  • Seiko NH36A automatic movement
  • mineral crystal dial window
  • date window
  • exhibition case back
  • water resistant 50 meters

Cadisen Datejust Homage

This is Cadisen’s homage to the Rolex Datejust. The Datejust has its fair share of homages. The Cadisen version is of exceptional quality, however.

It is an analog watch using an automatic, self-winding movement. Both its case and band are stainless steel. The thing that sets this one apart from other cheap luxury watches is the fact that it does use a sapphire crystal window. Additionally, this one also has a date window in the 3 o’clock position. And finally, it is water resistant 50 meters.

This Cadisen Datejust homage also has an exhibition case back window. With this watch, style meets quality at an affordable price.

Quick Look

  • stainless steel case and band
  • automatic self-winding movements
  • sapphire crystal dial window
  • date window
  • exhibition case back
  • water resistant 50 meters

Final Thoughts: Are Cadisen Watches Good?

Cadisen watches provide impressive quality, as well as luxury style at competitively low prices. So I would say that yes, these are good watches.

So for stylish, and inexpensive mechanical movements, you can’t go wrong with Cadisen. Now if you are looking for even cheaper luxury styled watches, I was highly impressed by Lige watches. Lige produces absolutely bargain bin priced luxury watches. You should check them out for sure.

Well that’s it for our Cadisen watches review! I hope you found the information helpful. If you enjoyed the article, then you can take a look at some of our other watch and watch brand reviews here

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