Best Timex Watches For The Elderly

There are watches that are better suited for our senior citizens. These types of watches are usually easier to see for those who have failing eyesight, and easier to handle for people who suffer from arthritis. Timex is a well known brand and has several watches with such features. We have done extensive research to come up with our top picks of the best Timex watches for the elderly!

#1: Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader With Leather Strap

The first one we are looking at is a woman’s watch; the Timex Women’s Indiglo Easy Reader with leather strap. The all white dials are very easy to easy to read, so it won’t be a strain on people with poor eyesight. It is water resistant, and features a light up watch dial. The 11 millimeter all leather strap gives it a bit of a premium feel.

Quick Look

  • all white dials easy to read
  • water resistant
  • light up watch dial

#2: Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch

The next one on our list is the Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch. This watch features a large display, and includes a back light, so the display will always be visible. It has a 16 millimeter band, and is also water resistant. The main draw of this particular watch, is its 100-lap stopwatch memory, and customizable timers. This makes it especially useful to seniors who like to keep active!

Quick Look

  • large display
  • backlight
  • customizable timers

#3: Timex Men’s Easy Reader With Leather Strap.

Third on our list, is the Timex Men’s Easy Reader with the leather strap. Like it says in the name, this one is made to be easy to read, featuring large black numbers and dials against a white background. The design is simple, but made more elegant by the inclusion of the 17 millimeter leather strap. This one also has the indiglo back lighting for clear visibility in the dark.

Quick Look

  • large easy to read dials
  • backlighting

#4: Timex Men’s South Street Sport Watch

The fourth one we are looking at is the Timex Men’s South Street Sport Watch. This one sports an 18 millimeter stainless steel band, and has on overall sleek and stylish look to it. It contains the backlighting to emphasize the large numbers and dials in dark settings. As with the others on this list, it is also water resistant.

Quick Look

  • large numbers and dials
  • backlighting
  • water resitant

#5: Timex Men’s Weekender

The final watch on this list is the Timex Men’s Weekender. It has large simple styled numbers just like the Timex easy readers. It has a 40mm brass case paired with a 20mm nylon strap. Also features the typical Indiglo backlighting found in standard Timex watches.

Quick Look

  • large, bold numbers and dials
  • backlighting
  • water resistance

Well, that wraps up our overview of the best Timex watches for the elderly. Sometimes it is hard for individuals with failing eyesight to see watches clearly, but all of the options presented on this list should render that a non-issue!

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