Bobo Bird Watches Review: Elegant Wooden Designs

Wooden watches are not for everybody. It’s a niche that some would consider an acquired taste. Any way you look at it though, it is undeniable that wooden watches have a unique aesthetic and appeal. Well, today we will be looking at a brand that’s been making a name for itself in the world of wooden watches. The brand that we will review here is Bobo Bird watches.

Bobo Bird has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years for producing beautiful wooden watches at affordable prices. They generally garner positive reviews from customers and critics alike.

In this article, we will be taking a more in depth view of Bobo Bird watches. We will look more closely at them in terms of quality, design, and pricing. The goal here is to see if these watches actually do live up to their reputation. To start things off, let’s see what we actually know about this company.

About Bobo Bird Watches

bobo bird watches

Bobo Bird Watches is a Chinese company. They are an environmentally friendly company as they use recycled wood. The company does have a story around how the idea originally came about.

According to the story, the founder of Bobo Bird received a wooden watch as a birthday gift from his father when he was still a child. His father, being an experienced carpenter, had created a wooden watch that amazed this young boy. So years later, the son created a wooden watch for his father.

He called the watch Bobo Bird. The name is derived from a type of bird that was local to the area. This bird made a distinct sound which is why they are called “Bobo”.

That is definitely an interesting backstory. Next, we are going to talk about the actual watches themselves.

Bobo Bird Watches Review

Build Quality

To start, we’ll take a look at the build quality of Bobo Bird watches. If you are new to wooden watches, you may be wondering about the durability of them.

It is true that wooden watches are not going to last as long as their steel counterparts, as wood will more easily break down over time. But you can still get many years of value out of them if you take good care of them.

Bobo bird watches are handcrafted, and made of recycled bamboo, sandalwood, or maple. These are analog display watches that utilize either Japanese quartz movement, or mechanical automatic movement.

While the cases are made of wood, the bands themselves are not always made of wood. Bands can be made of nylon, silicone, a combination of wood an stainless steel, or even leather.

The dial windows can be made of glass, or mineral crystal material. As for water resistance, these watches can resist splashes of water, but it is definitely not recommended for them to be completely submerged in water, as this may damage the watch.

It looks like these watches would be best suited for casual use, and not so much for outdoor or harsh environments.


Wooden watches are always going to stand out in comparison to traditional watches. Bobo Bird watches are no exception. The designs here range from simplistic, to complex. They have a wide array of different styles to choose from, with various color combinations and etchings.

If you are already a fan of wooden watches, then it’s likely you have an appreciation for the uniqueness in the styles and designs inherent in these types watches. With Bobo Bird, you will find excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Now here is where it gets interesting. You would think that handcrafted wooden watches would be at least somewhat pricey, right? Well, that is certainly not the case here!

While these watches are not bargain bin priced, they are not at all expensive. You can find cheaper wooden watches than these, but you may start to see lower quality products when going to low in price.

I feel like Bobo Bird watches strike a nice balance between quality and price. This is historically difficult to accomplish with wooden watches, but Bobo Bird hits this balance quite well.

Check Bobo Bird Watch Prices On Amazon

If you are thinking about getting into Bobo Bird watches, I will list a couple of recommendations.

Bobo Bird Watches: Recommendations

Bobo Bird Chronograph

This is an exemplary example of a wooden chronograph. It captures both a sporty feel, and the quaintness of a wooden watch all in one!

This watch uses an analog display and is powered by quartz movement. It is made of wood, and has stainless steel parts, such as the case back, and clasp. The watch has basic chronograph features, and also includes a day/date display.

This is a highly popular watch by Bobo Bird, it’s inexpensive, and would be a great entry into wooden watches!

Quick Look

  • sporty and quaint design
  • chronograph features
  • day/date window

Bobo Bird Week and Date Watch

This one is pretty interesting. It does have an analog display. But not only is this a wooden watch, it also features a unique approach to the day/date feature.

It has a date window for the numbered day, which is pretty common. However, For the day, It actually lists all 7 days on the watch face, and marks what day it is. I can’t say that I’ve seen this type of display on a watch before.

This watch is powered by quartz movement. It is made of sandalwood, and has a stainless steel case back, as well as a stainless steel clasp.

Quick Look

  • has a date window
  • unique approach to day display
  • made of sandalwood

Final Thoughts: Are Bobo Bird Watches Good?

Bobo Bird watches are a good entry point into wooden watches. If you have never purchased a wooden watch before, and want to get your feet wet, I think Bobo Bird is a good choice, since they produce quality wooden watches at an affordable price.

Even if you are already into wooden watches, Bobo Bird would be a great addition to your collection. With a low cost of entry, it may be worth it to get one just to test the quality and design. You can check out Bobo Bird watches here.

And that concludes our Bobo Bird watches review. You can check out some of our other brand or individual watch reviews here.

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