Meca Quartz Chronograph Explained!

what is a meca quartz chronograph

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What Makes a Good Watch Brand? 3 Major Factors

what makes a good watch

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Automatic Quartz Watch (Autoquartz)? What Is That?


In today’s article, we are going to tackle the topic of the automatic quartz watch. Now this is something that may sound like a complete contradiction if you know anything about watches. After all, quartz watches and automatic watches use completely different power sources. Automatic watches are powered by a mainspring, and quartz watches are … Read more

Quartz Movement Vs Swiss – What’s The Difference?

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SmartWatch Vs Digital Watch – Evolution of Watches!

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Self Winding Vs Automatic – All In a Name!

self winding vs automatic watch

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How Many Watches Should a Woman Own, exactly?

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Quartz Watch with Sweeping Second Hand?

quartz watch with sweeping second hand

In this article, we are looking into the topic of a quartz watch with a sweeping second hand. First of all, does such a watch exist, and if so, where can you get one? To start off, we will answer the question of whether or not this type of watch even exists. Yes, technically, there … Read more