G Shock VS Luminox: Which One? The Shocking Truth!

G Shock vs Luminox? When it comes to the toughest watches in the world, both the G-Shock, and Luminox brands stand out. These two brands are top tier when it comes to watches that are rugged, and durable. Both brands are excellent for use in outdoor and harsh environments, as well as for actual military combat applications.

G-Shock is a series of watches manufactured by Casio. The term “G-Shock”, actually stands for Gravitational Shock. G-Shock watches were specifically designed to be impact resistant. Luminox watches, on the other hand, are designed with military use in mind. Luminox is even the official watch of the Navy Seals!

Seeing as how both of these watches are known for their durability, the question may arise as to which one is actually better. When we ask the question of which one is better, we have to look at the overall picture. A watch can’t be judged solely based on a single factor. There are multiple factors involved when deciding which of these two watches is best overall.

In this article, we will be taking a look at a few of these factors: features, durability, and price. By taking a closer look at some of these variables, we should be able to come to a definitive conclusion about which watch is better. This is our G Shock Vs Luminox comparison!

G Shock Vs Luminox: Features

The first thing we will be looking at is the features that the watches come with in these two brands.


G-Shocks are going to come with some standard features. They are made with what the company has coined as “triple 10 resistance”. What this means is that every G-Shock watch is designed with at least a 10 bar water resistance, a 10 year battery life, and can resist the impact from a fall of at least 10 meters. G-Shocks now though come with 200 meters of water resistance.

Aside from that, basic G-Shocks will have a backlight, stopwatch, alarm, and a calendar. Some of the more advance models will include additional features such as a compass, barometer, altimeter, multiple time zones, and more. It all depends on which particular model you purchase.


Luminox watches’ basic features include a date window, rotating bezel, water resistance of 200 meters, and tritium tubes for luminescence. As this watch is made for use with navy Seals, the rotating bezel comes in handy for keeping track of dive times.

The tritium tubes used on this watch give it the “always visible technology” Luminox is known for. Unlike other luminous watches, tritium tube luminescence is continual. It doesn’t need to be charged by a light source, and it stays on perpetually.

The more advanced Luminox models will include other extra features like a tachymeter, and multiple time zones.

Which One Has Better Features?

When it comes to basic features, it would appear that G-Shock has the upper hand. While the tritium tube luminescence of basic Luminox watches is a cool feature, G-Shock simply has more features to it’s base model watches.

Winner: G-Shock

G Shock Vs Luminox: Durability

Now we come to what is arguably the main draw of these watches, which is their durability.


Casio G-Shock watches are the original tough watch brand. Every G-Shock watch is designed for toughness. There have been numerous tests on G-Shock watches that put this durability on full display.

Some of these tests include models that have been hit by a hammer, frozen, electrocuted, and even run over by a truck. The G-Shock watches can consistently withstand these kinds of traumas.


Luminox watches are created to withstand harsh environments for sure, however, they do have different models that focus on different areas. They have Sea, Land, Air, and even Space models.

All of these models are going to be incredibly resilient, but they each focus in on different areas. G-Shock, on the other hand, has sort of a “one size fits all” standard for toughness.

Which One Is Tougher?

Now obviously, for Luminox watches to be certified for use in the armed forces, they are not by any means flimsy, but I think that overall G-Shock wins in terms of toughness. This is especially true, as they have extensive video evidence to back up the claims. One G-Shock model: the DW5600E-1, even holds a world record!

Winner: G-Shock

G Shock Vs Luminox: Pricing

Next we come to the final factor in this comparison: the price!


The pricing for G-Shock watches varies based on the model you get, however, G-Shock watches do tend to run cheaper than Luminox models overall. Also, like we saw earlier, you get a lot of great features on even the lower priced models.


As with G-Shock, the prices vary by model. Luminox watches tend to be more expensive, especially with their higher end models. With Luminox watches, you can expect to spend more to get better quality as well as features.

Which One Is The Better Value?

Luminox has some excellent offerings for sure, but at some of the lower priced models, there have been customer complaints about the quality. G-Shock, on the other hand, retains their quality even on the low price versions.

Finally when you factor in features across both types of watches, then I believe that G-Shock gives you a greater value per price.

Winner: G-Shock

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G Shock VS Luminox: Conclusion

Based on what we have seen in this comparison, G-Shocks have more diverse features, greater durability, and historically lower pricing than Luminox. I believe that G-Shock is the better brand overall, but that does not mean that you should never buy a Luminox watch.

Certain Luminox models are more specific to certain types of environments. You may end up spending more for a Luminox, but if you value those specific features, then it may be more worth it to go with Luminox in such instances.

To wrap things up, I would say that G-Shock is the go to tough watch for just about any outdoor activity. G-shocks are great for casual use or for sports enthusiasts.

Luminox watches, on the other hand, would be more geared toward military applications, especially the Navy Seals. Keep in mind though, you would probably be buying some of their higher priced models to get the durability and features necessary for this use.

That concludes our G Shock Vs Luminox comparison!

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