Grand Seiko Vs Omega – Swiss Killer?

In this article, we are going to be comparing Grand Seiko Vs Omega watches. These are two competing luxury watch brands from different parts of the world.

Omega is a name already known and revered within the watch community. As a Swiss luxury brand, its dominance is pretty clear. Swiss watches have historically been known as the best in the business.

Grand Seiko, on the other hand, is a Japanese luxury watch brand. Japanese brands have never been known for fine craftsmanship when compared to Swiss watches. Really, there aren’t a whole lot of brands from other countries that can compete with the Swiss.

So, how does Grand Seiko really compare to Omega? Is there a chance that it can dethrone Omega? This is exactly what we intend to find out. We are going to be comparing the build quality, design, and pricing in order to find out which brand comes out on top!

Before we get deep into that though, let’s learn a little bit about these two brands.

About Grand Seiko and Omega

Grand Seiko

You are probably already familiar with the name Seiko. Seiko is a widely popular Japanese brand that has historically made a huge impact on the entire watch industry as a whole.

Despite the name, and affiliation to Seiko, Grand Seiko is considered its own brand, entirely separate from Seiko. In fact, it had officially split into its own brand in 2017.

From the time of its inception, the idea behind Grand Seiko was indeed, to compete with the Swiss luxury watch industry. And thus, the first line of Grand Seiko watches was introduced in 1960.

This first Grand Seiko watch was a manually wound 25 jewel watch. it was the first chronometer watch produced in Japan. Today, Grand Seiko continues to position itself as a legitimate luxury watch brand.


Omega is a Swiss brand that began in 1848. It was a family owned operation. The focus was originally on manufacturing pocket watches. In 1984 that they began production of wrist watches. This was in part due to advancements in manufacturing.

Omega is known for innovation. They were actually the first company to introduce tourbillon watches into the market. In addition to that, Omega also created its very own standard for testing accuracy and quality in a watch.

This method became an industry standard and is known as the Master Chronometer Certification. To gain this certification, a watch must pass a set of stringent criteria that test for things such as movement, precision, magnetic field resistance, and water resistance.

Now that we’ve learned a bit more about these two brands, we can move on to the comparisons, starting with the build quality.

Grand Seiko Vs Omega: Build Quality

grand seiko vs seiko build quality

Grand Seiko

This spinoff of Seiko offers both mechanical and quartz analog watches. Grand Seiko employs Seiko’s spring drive technology in their watches as well.

Cases will be made of stainless steel mostly, with select models in gold, platinum, or titanium. Dial windows are sapphire crystal. As for water resistance, it ranges from anywhere between 30 to 200 meters of resistance depending on the model.

Overall, there is an incredible attention put on detail and quality. Even one of their quartz watches, the Caliber 9F movement is assembled by hand.


Omega manufactures quartz or mechanical watches with analog displays. They are powered by customized in house movements.

The cases are typically stainless steel, with sapphire dial windows. Of course, being a luxury brand, you can also find Omega watches with gold, titanium, or platinum cases. Water resistance among their models can range from as low as 30 meters, all the way up to 600 meters as seen in their Seamaster series.

Also, keep in mind that many Omega watches must also pass their Master Chronometer Certification standard.

Verdict on Build Quality

When looking at the build quality between Grand Seiko, and Omega, both brands offer their own perspective takes on true luxury grade quality. They are about even in this area.

Next, we’ll take a look at the design and style between the two.

Grand Seiko Vs Omega: Design & Style

grand seiko vs seiko style

Grand Seiko

As far as styles go, Grand Seiko sticks strictly to standard luxury conventions. You will find dive watches, chronographs, business casual, etc.

They don’t really do anything new design wise. It will mostly be styles and shades you have seen before. However, the quality finish on these watches is undeniable.


Omega, for the most part, stick to conventional Swiss luxury design choices. Even then, though they manage to leave their own unique mark on these designs.

While you may not see a whole lot different from other brands as far as the styling goes, there can be no doubt about their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Verdict on Design & Style

Both brands mostly stick with the usual luxury watch styles. Both brands display amazing quality and craftsmanship. Ultimately though, Omega finds their own identity in their designs.

The last thing to look at here is the pricing.

Grand Seiko Vs Omega: Pricing

grand seiko vs seiko price

As you can expect, the watches sold by these brands are going to be quite expensive. They are, after all, luxury watches. Nothing is going to be cheap. Both brands have watch models in varying levels of the higher pricing tier.

However, if you are looking to spend a little bit less on a high quality luxury watch, Omega’s prices tend to run a little lower than a lot of Grand Seiko watches.

Check Grand Seiko Prices on Amazon

Check Omega Prices on Amazon

Finally, what conclusion can we come to in this comparison?

Final Verdict

While both brands display phenomenal quality and craftsmanship, it would appear that Omega holds its own when it comes to style.

Additionally, considering the quality of these watches, browsing through Omega’s collections, you could potentially get these types of watches at significantly lower prices.

So, if you are looking for a luxury watch, and want to stick with Swiss, then Omega would be the best choice here. However, if you want to try out the Japanese take on luxury watches, check out Grand Seiko.

All in all, though, either brand would make an incredible addition to any watch collection! That’s it for today’s comparison. If you enjoyed it, we have many more similar ones that can be found here

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