Nibosi Watches Review: Ultra Cheap Watches?

In this review, we will be taking a glance at Nibosi watches. Nibosi is an extremely affordable luxury styled watch brand.

When it comes to wearing watches, luxury styles are in high demand. Now of course there are the big name brands such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, etc. The only problem with luxury brand watches is that they have the luxury brand price to go with it!

True luxury watches have prices that can range in the thousands to even the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These types of prices are just not very affordable for the average consumer. However, many companies have stepped in to create luxury alternatives, or homages which capture the style and look of a luxury watch, but at only a small fraction of the price of a true luxury watch.

The prices of these types of luxury styled watches can vary, but they are usually relatively affordable. Now even within this space of affordable luxury styled watches, there exists some unbelievably cheap watch brands that I like to refer to as “bargain bin brands”.

The most appealing thing about these watches is that they are so cheap there is very minimal risk involved in purchasing one. With some brands you may worry about quality and longevity. However with these watches, they are effectively “throw away” watches.

So can a bargain bin watch really be worth buying? In many cases, yes, absolutely. Having a luxury styled watch at a super cheap price is a win win situation.

Nibosi watches are one of these extraordinarily inexpensive brands, and in this review, we will attempt to find out if they are indeed worth it.

Nibosi Watches Review

It should come as no surprise that Nibosi is a Chinese watch brand. Most of the mushroom brands that sprout up out of the blue happen to be Chinese brands. Some of them are actually of exceptional quality, while others, not so much.

When looking at Nibosi brand watches, we are going to be examining the build quality, designs, and features of these watches. A brand is usually successful when they can strike that perfect balance of quality, style, and affordability.

So how does Nibosi watches do in this regard? Well let’s find out! We will start by looking at the build quality of their watches.

Build Quality

Nibosi manufactures quartz watches, as well as mechanical, automatic watches. Their watch cases will be made of metal alloys, or stainless steel. The watch bands are made of stainless steel commonly, or can also be made of leather.

The dial winows are going to be made of mineral crystal. As for water resistance, 30 meters of resistance is about what you will get from Nibosi watches. This is sufficient for rain or showering, but not enough to recommend fully submerging in water.

So overall, Nibosi watches, are not built of premium quality materials. And you would not expect them to be, at these kinds of low prices though.

Next we’ll look at the designs.

Design & Style

For what its worth, Nibosi does have some pretty slick designs to their credit. Nothing really mind blowing or new, but they are pretty good looking watches for their price range.

They have minimalist styles, business casual, and even functional chronographs. Overall these designs are fairly impressive, and should be able to satisfy your itch for a luxury styled watch.

Now we’ll move on and talk about the pricing.


This is the main area of interest when it comes to Nibosi watches. I have talked about how low the prices are, and they are indeed cheap! While prices do vary by the model and where you purchase them from, they are typically priced within the lowest price range watches can get to.

As stated earlier, at these types of prices there is very little risk involved. While people may be wary of cheap watches, if you look at the worst case scenario, maybe one of these watches breaks down, or doesn’t last 3 years. However, these are so cheap that replacing one wouldn’t really be much if an issue.

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Now if you are actually interested in purchasing a Nibosi watch, we do have a couple of recommendations!

Nibosi Watches Review: Recommendations

Nibosi Chronograph With Leather Strap

This is a stylish chronograph watch from Nibosi. It has a blue colored dial, gold colored bezel, and a silver colored case.

This watch has an analog display and uses quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy, the dial window is mineral crystal, and the brown band is made of leather.

There are 3 sub dials and this watch has full chronograph functionality. It also features a calendar date window. It is water resistant 30 meters, so it will be fine with light splashes and perhaps showering, but keep it from being fully submersed in water.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • mineral dial window
  • date window
  • chronograph functionality
  • water resistant 30 meters

Nibosi Ultra Thin Men’s Fashion Watch

This is a very stylish watch from Nibosi. It has a very slim and somewhat minimalist design. This one has a red dial paired with a gold colored band and bezel, but it also comes in other color options.

This watch has an analog display and is powered by quartz movement. The case is made of metal alloy and the band is stainless steel. It has a mineral crystal dial window.

The design is minimalist, so the only other added feature here is a date window. It is only water resistant 30 meters, so keep it out of the water.

Quick Look

  • quartz movement
  • mineral dial window
  • date window
  • water resistant 30 meters

Final Thoughts: Are Nibosi Watches Any Good?

So the main thing you are probably wondering is, are Nibosi watches any good? For an absolutely bargain priced watch brand they are as good as can be expected. Though not necessarily a high quality brand, for the asking price this brand is definitely worth a try.

That concludes our Nibosi watches review. If you want, you can check out some of our other watch and watch brand reviews here

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