Rado Vs Longines: Swiss Meets Swiss

Here we are with yet another watch brand matchup. This time we are going to be comparing the brands Rado Vs Longines.

Some of you may already know these brands, but to others, they may be somewhat unfamiliar. While they are not necessarily household names like brands such as Rolex, most watch enthusiasts are, in fact, familiar with these two brands.

Rado and Longines are both Swiss luxury watch manufacturers. And as we already know, Swiss manufacturers are regarded as the best in the industry. A long history of quality and precision has cemented the Swiss as the highest standard in watchmaking.

That being said, one of these brands must be a better overall purchase than the other, right? That is why we have decided to make this comparison. The goal is to find out which of these two Swiss luxury manufacturers gives you the best quality timepiece at the best price!

To do this, we are going to be comparing these brands’ watches based on their build quality, designs, and pricing. But before we go any further, for those unfamiliar with these brands, let’s have a brief introduction to each!

About The Brands


As is the case with many Swiss luxury brands, Rado began as a small family owned operation. It was first formed in 1917 by two brothers by the last name of Schlup. They began by making watch movements in their parent’s house.

It wasn’t long, however, before word of their quality got around, and they expanded their company to the point of mass production within warehouses and factories.

Innovation has always been a staple of Rado. In fact, they first gained popularity though their water resistant watches. Furthermore, Rado is responsible for producing the world’s first scratch resistant watches.

It was indeed this type of innovation and focus that ultimately lead Rado to become a more notable brand. And of course, following all of this, Rado continued to grow and evolve over time.


Longines is no stranger to achievements within the industry either. Founded in 1832, Longines is the oldest registered watch manufacturer ever recorded. In 1889, they were registered by the Federal Office of Intellectual Property.

Additionally, at the time of writing this article, they are ranked #4 in the top 10 most recognized Swiss watch brands. Their notoriety doesn’t stop there!

Longines also released the first automatic winding movement ever seen in a wristwatch, with their calibre 22a, in 1945. So, you see, Longines has quite the history of achievements within the watch industry.

Even modern times has seen Longines at the forefront of the public eye. They have been featured as the official timekeeper for several national sporting events.

Now, moving on, we are going to start comparing these two brands’ watches, starting with the quality of the builds.

Rado Vs Longines: Build Quality

rado longines build

Both of these are high quality Swiss made brands, but which one does it better?


Rado manufactures both quarts and automatic watches. The cases can be made from stainless steel, as well as titanium or even gold plated cases.

Rado even has their own blend of ceramic and metal in some of their watch cases. This material is known as “Ceramos”. It is very durable and has many unique properties to it, including being extremely resilient against scratches. Some of Rado’s watch bands are made of this material as well.

Aside from that, you will find sapphire dial windows, which are common among luxury watches and brands. Water resistance among Rado watches typically varies from 30 all the way up to 100 meters depending on the model.


Longines also makes both quartz and automatic watches. When it comes to build quality, Longines sticks to the usual luxury watch formula.

They have stainless steel cases paired with sapphire glass windows. They are powered through the use of ETA movements. And lastly, when it comes to water resistance, you will get anywhere from 30 to as high as 300 meters of water resistance. The higher levels of water resistance will be found in their diving watches.

Verdict On Build Quality

All things considered; it would appear that Rado has the edge when it comes to build quality. Their Ceramos material brings a unique aspect to the build.

Now, let’s take a look at the design and style of these brands’ watches.

Rado Vs Longines: Design & Style

rado longines style


You’ll find that Rado has a distinct style all its own. Their designs are elegant, sophisticated, and unique. They possess kind of an artistic flair.

In this way Rado steps away from the default design formula. It works in their favor, as they have pulled off a distinct look, while still maintaining the luxury aesthetic. They do, however, still have watches that follow the more traditional luxury design schemes.


For the most part, Longines goes the traditional route when it comes to their designs. You have the chronographs, business casual, minimalist, and diving styled watches.

Exactly what you would expect to see in a luxury watch is what Longines delivers. They do have some variety here, but mostly you will see similar design patterns that are typical among luxury watch brands.

Verdict On Design & Style

When it comes to style, Rado takes a slightly different approach that works quite well.

Rado Vs Longines: Pricing

rado longines pricing

When it comes to pricing, true Swiss luxury brands are never going to be cheap. As such, both Rado and Longines are priced in the higher pricing tier when it comes to watches.

You are definitely going to want to make sure you have your budget thoroughly planned before making a purchase from either one of these brands.

Both brands have varied prices, with some being higher priced than others. Ultimately, however, if you are looking for more reasonable pricing in a luxury watch, you will find more inexpensive watches in Longines’ library.

They are still going to be expensive, but you can find more trending closer to mid price among Longines watches Vs Rado.

Check Rado Watches Prices on Amazon

Check Longines Watches Prices on Amazon

Final Conclusion

Based on the results of this comparison, Rado wins for having a more unique approach to build quality and design. However, if you are looking to find quality Swiss watches, at the lowest possible prices, you should look into Longines.

Ultimately, however, let this article serve as a mere guide. At the end of the day, it is up to you the consumer to decide which brand resonates with you the most.

That’s it for this comparison. If you would like to see more of our matchups, you can check those out here!

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