Seiko SKX007 Vs SKX009: Head To Head

In today’s article we take a look at two of Seiko’s most popular dive watches: The Seiko SKX007, and the SKX009. The SKX series has always been the go to series when it comes to Seiko dive watches. You may also have noticed that these watches are similar in style to the Rolex Submariner. As such, either one of these watches would make for an excellent, more affordable alternative to the Rolex Submariner. In this article we will break down the similarities and differences of the Seiko Skx007 Vs Skx009. We will be looking at the specs, features, and design, to find out what, if any differences there are between the two.

Seiko SKX007 Vs 009




Both the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 have identical specs. They both feature an analog display with a hardlex dial window. The bezel on these watches is a unidirectional 120 clicks rotating bezel. Both use automatic movement.

Their cases and bands are made of silver stainless steel. They have cases which are 42 millimeters wide and 13 millimeters thick. The watch bands are 26 millimeters wide and feature a fold over clasp buckle.


Seeing as how these are both dive watches, the Seiko SKX007 and SKX009 are waterproof up to a depth of 660 feet. They have an adjustable date and day display on the right hand side at the 3’oclock position. They both feature Seiko’s trademark LumiBrite luminous hands and markers which will help with visibility in the dark.


This is the point at which we will finally notice an appreciable difference between these two watches. They both feature the same Seiko logo at the top and have the same arrow point minute hand. The one only difference in these two watches is the dial and bezel color. Both the dial and bezel on the SKX007 are straight black. On the SKX009, however, you have a navy blue dial and navy blue and red colored bezel. This style has been coined the “Pepsi diver” color.

There is one practical benefit that the “Pepsi diver” SKX009 has over the SKX007. That is that when setting the bezel to track your time underwater, on the Pepsi diver the red part of the bezel can be a useful signal to alert you that you have been underwater for while. Since that particular part of the bezel is red and stands out more, when the minute hand reaches that point, you can clearly see it and have a better idea of when to start planning out your ascent back to the surface.

Quick Look: Seiko SKX007 Vs SKX009

Buy Seiko SKX007

  • waterproof to depth of 660 feet
  • day and date display
  • LumiBrite luminous hands and markers
  • black dial and bezel

Buy Seiko SKX009

  • waterproof to depth of 660 feet
  • day and date display
  • LumiBrite luminous hands and markers
  • navy blue dial and blue and red (Pepsi) colored bezel

Seiko SKX007 Vs 009 Conclusion

So now we know that there is virtually no difference between the Seiko SKX007 vs 009. The only real difference between them is the dial and bezel color. Which one you like more is a matter of personal preference.

I personally feel that while the Pepsi color adds a unique twist on the style, it may not always be trendy. Straight black, on the other hand, fits with just about anything and will probably never go out of style. Well that concludes our brief Seiko SKX007 Vs SKX009 overview!

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