Tissot Vs Bulova: Swiss Vs American Luxury Watches

In today’s article we will be exploring the differences between Tissot Vs Bulova watches. Rather than just listing several watches from each brand, we are actually going to get into specific details about their watches. The goal here is to find out which brand is the better brand.

In order to find out which brand makes the better watches, we are going to be looking at several different key factors in each brand. The main things to look at here are the build quality, designs, and pricing of the two brands. These 3 factors can make or break a brand.

It is only when a brand strikes the perfect balance of quality builds, excellent designs, and affordable pricing that you have the makings of an exceptional watch brand. So how do Tissot and Bulova compare in these key areas? That is exactly what we are going to find out! First though, a brief introduction to the brands.

About Tissot And Bulova

Both of these brands are well known worldwide. They both have long histories in the industry as both have been around since the 1800’s.


Tissot is a Swiss watch brand. Formed in 1853, Tissot began as family owned business. From these humble beginnings the company grew larger over time, finally hitting their stride in the 1920’s and 30’s. It was around this time that Tissot watches really started to become popular. The company has continued to grow and evolve since then.

Tissot has made some notable advancements within the industry. These include the world’s first multifunctional tactile watch, as well as the world’s first anti-magnetic watch. Innovation is one of the reasons Tissot has survived and remained relevant for so long.


Bulova is an American watch brand. It was originally formed in 1875. Similar to Tissot, Bulova gained popularity in the 1920’s for its variety of styles in both men’s and women’s watches. Their marketing strategy is a major factor in this growth. In 1926, Bulova became the first to advertise on a radio broadcast.

In addition to this, Bulova had other firsts. They were responsible for the world’s first electric watch with their Accutron. They are also known for their progressiveness as they are the first watch company to produce a women’s only line of watches. Bulova continued down this trajectory of achievement , and in 2007 the company was acquired by Citizen.

With those brief introductions out of the way, from here on, we will be comparing the two brands’ watches. The first thing we are going to look at is the build quality.

Tissot Vs Bulova: Build Quality

tissot vs bulova build quality


This company manufactures quartz, automatic, and smartwatches. The cases are made of stainless steel, which is common for most watches. The bands can be made from a range of materials. Most commonly they will be made of either stainless steel, or leather. However, you will also find Tissot watches with bands made of rubber or nylon, especially on their digital watches.

The dial windows on Tissot watches are usually sapphire crystal, which is a higher grade than the usual mineral crystal you tend to see on most watches. Finally, the water resistance on Tissot watches can vary from as little as 30 meters to as much as 100 meters, depending on the model.


Bulova makes automatic, as well as quartz watches. The cases are made of stainless steel as usual. Their watch bands are most commonly made of stainless steel or leather.

Their dial windows are typically mineral crystal, though there are models with sapphire windows. And as with Tissot, the water resistance will range from 30 to 100 meters, varying by model.

Build Quality Verdict

These brands are pretty similar as far as build quality goes, however, Tissot has the edge here, as sapphire dial windows are common on their watches.

Tissot Vs Bulova: Design & Style

tissot vs bulova design and style

Next, let’s see what both brands have to offer in the way of style.


Tissot watches cover the usual gamut of watch types. They have chronographs, sports watches, luxury watches, and watches with minimalist designs. One thing that you will note about Tissot, is that their watches exude quality.

It is obvious from the moment you lay eyes on a Tissot watch, that you are dealing with a watch of fine craftsmanship. While they may not be on the same level as some higher end Swiss luxury brands, even as an entry level Swiss luxury watch, Tissot never fail to impress.


Bulova also has all of the different types of styles you would want. You will find the sports, luxury, chronograph, and minimalist watches among Bulova’s collections. Their watches also have a quality look to them. But one thing you will notice is that they excel in their sense of style!

Bulova has some very stunning and original timepieces featuring intricate designs. With Bulova you get both a quality look along with an enhanced design and style. A lot of Bulova’s watches are very eye catching and stand out among the crowd.

Design & Style Verdict

While both brands are clearly quality watches, Bulova takes the lead when it comes to style and appearance, as they have many watches that have some beautiful and above average aesthetics.

Tissot Vs Bulova: Pricing

tissot vs bulova pricing

The last factor we are going to discuss about these watch brands is their pricing structure. Now neither Tissot nor Bulova are bargain bin brands. In fact, both brands could be considered entry level luxury watch brands. As such, their prices are going to be in the mid range.

While not extraordinarily expensive, you will still need to be prepared to set your budget accordingly as these brands are priced between mid and upper mid price ranges depending on the model of choice. All in all, both Tissot and Bulova are pretty much evenly matched in their pricing structures.

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Overall, it looks like these two brands are pretty much evenly matched. Each one has their specific strengths though. If you are looking for a slightly higher quality build, then you can usually find that with Tissot watches. For the more fashion oriented, Bulova has many watches with superior designs and styles.

At the end of the day though, you really can’t go wrong with either brand as they are both on a pretty level playing field. Anyway that’s it for this matchup! If you enjoyed this comparison, feel free to check out some of our others here

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