Tissot Vs Citizen: Swiss Watches Vs Swiss Origins!

In this article we will be directly comparing Tissot Vs Citizen watches. These are already two widely known watch brands. One of these brands must be superior to the other one, right? Well, we propose to find out which brand is the superior of the two.

So how do we do this? There are a few key factors to look at when comparing two watch brands to each other. These are: the build quality, design, and pricing of the watches. There is a balance that a watch brand must strike between a quality product, with great designs, at an affordable price.

Therefore whichever brand best balances those three factors will undoubtedly come out the winner. So we will be looking at these factors in both brands. First though, let’s have a brief introduction to each brand.

About Tissot And Citizen

About Tissot

Tissot is a Swiss brand. That being said, it would be considered an “entry level Swiss luxury brand” as it is priced more affordably than its high end competitors.

Despite being a lower tier Swiss brand, Tissot is not without its achievements within the industry. They are credited with introducing both the world’s first anti-magnetic watch, and the world’s first multifunctional tactile watch into the markets.

Additionally, Tissot has been featured as the official timekeeper in various sporting championships such as fencing, hockey, and cycling.

About Citizen

Citizen is a Japanese brand with Swiss roots. When the company was formed in 1930, it was heavily influenced by Swiss investors. This aided the company’s growth early on.

Citizen also brought its own innovations into the market. For example, in 1993 Citizen introduced the world to the first multi-band atomic timekeeping watch. Citizen also designed their own Eco-Drive technology.

The basic idea behind Eco-Drive watches was to use solar cells in order to reduce the impact of battery waste on the environment. This effort proved successful as by the year 2007 it was estimated that 10 million less batteries were used and disposed of in North America.

Now introductions aside, we are going to start comparing the brands’ watches to each other. The first point to examine will be the build quality of their watches.

Tissot Vs Citizen: Build Quality

tissot vs citizen build quality


The Swiss company produces automatic mechanical watches as well as both analog and digital quartz watches. The watch cases are made of stainless steel, an industry standard. Their dial windows are made of sapphire crystal. Sapphire is a higher quality material than mineral crystal and has much greater scratch resistance.

Moving onto the bands, you will find that they are commonly made of stainless steel and leather. There are, however, also models that have bands made of rubber or nylon. These types of bands are more likely to be found on their digital models.

The water resistance on Tissot watch models can range from 30 to 100 meters.


Citizen produces both quartz watches, and watches with mechanical automatic movements. Their watches have stainless steel cases, and dial windows which can be either mineral or sapphire, depending on the model.

The type of watch bands used will also vary by the model. Bands can be stainless steel, leather, nylon, or rubber. Lastly, watch models vary in water resistance, ranging from 30 to 100 meters.

Their Eco-Drive Promaster goes even higher than this with 300 meters of water resistance.

Verdict On Build Quality

When it comes to overall build quality, Tissot has the upper hand. Tissot uses arguably higher quality movements and materials in the majority of their watches. With Citizen, the quality varies more from model to model.

Next, we’ll be looking at the design and style of these brands’ watches!

Tissot Vs Citizen: Design & Style

tissot vs citizen design


Being a Swiss brand, Tissot watches definitely have a premium look about them that is obvious from first glance. When it comes to the different types of styles, Tissot has the offerings trhat you would typically expect from a luxury brand.

They have casual designs , sports watches, chronographs, minimalist styles, and diving styled watches. Basically all of the great styles you know and love will be here. This paired with the quality luster of their watches makes Tissot a a fine choice when it comes to style and design.


Citizen, also has all of your standard types of signature designs They too have sports, casual, chronograph, minimalist, as well as diving watches. Once again, these are the types of styles typical in designer watches.

Now Citizen does add some watches with a more unique flair to the mix. Nothing really flamboyant, but they do have some styles that add a bit of variation when compared to other similar brands. Switching things up a bit, in many cases is a good thing.

Verdict On Design & Style

When it comes to design and style, while both watches have great looking products, Citizen has a slight edge when it comes to variation in design.

Tissot Vs Citizen: Pricing

tissot vs citizen pricing

Tissot has established itself as a more affordable Swiss luxury brand. Their prices are about at the mid to upper mid range. This does not mean that their watches are cheap, however as some of them can still get into the little more expensive ranges.

Citizen also inhabits the mid range pricing tier. However, Citizen watches average on the lower end of this spectrum. So overall, Citizen watches are less expensive on average that Tissot watches.

Check Tissot Prices On Amazon

Check Citizen Prices On Amazon

Now let’s take a look at the final conclusion to this comparison between Tissot and Citizen.

Tissot Vs Citizen: Final Conclusion

After looking at several different factors, Citizen takes the lead here by a small margin. Its pretty close, but Citizen watches have more varied design choices as well as slightly lower starting prices than Tissot.

Tissot does win out when it comes to the overall quality of their watches, however.

But use this as a guide in helping you to make a decision about which brand you like the best. Ultimately it is up to the consumer to decide which brand to go with.

Anyway, that’s it for this comparison article! If you want to see more of our similarly styled comparisons, you can check those out here

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