What Are Entry Level Swiss Watches?

In this article we are going to explain what entry level Swiss watches are, as well as several popular brands that produce them.

Everyone knows that Swiss made watches are considered to be the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship in watchmaking. That being said, they often come with a more premium price point. A lot of times these are prices that are very much unaffordable to many.

So, what is a person to do if they want to get into Swiss luxury watches, but can’t afford the exorbitantly high prices? This is where entry level Swiss watches come in. What is an entry level Swiss watch you may ask?

An entry level Swiss watch is a watch that holds true to the quality and standards of Swiss watchmaking, while still being affordable to the majority of consumers. In other words, an entry level Swiss watch is a poor man’s Swiss luxury watch!

Now this doesn’t mean that these watches are going to made of shoddy or low quality. Not at all. They are still going to be made to quality and precision standards, they just won’t be in the top tier of high end watches. Thus, why they are referred to as “entry level”.

Now, to better understand entry level Swiss luxury watches, let’s try to get a better understanding of the whole Swiss luxury scene.

About Swiss Watches

Since Swiss watches are held in such high regard, there are actually some stringent criteria for determining whether a watch is a true, genuine Swiss made watch.

This is necessary to know that the watch is actually made in Switzerland. Some watches are manufactured elsewhere but incorporate Swiss parts and movements. But a true Swiss watch will meet very specific requirements. So, what are these requirements?

How To Know If a Watch Is a True Swiss Made Watch

These are the criteria for a watch to be truly considered a “Swiss made” watch.

  • #1: At least 60% of the production costs have to be generated from Switzerland
  • #2: The movement of the watch has to be 50% Swiss made, and 60% of the assembly of the movement must be produced in Switzerland.
  • #3: The initial development of both the watch and movement have to be carried out in Switzerland.

So, there you have it. These are the strict requirements for a watch to be truly considered “Swiss made”. These requirements may seem a bit arbitrary, but that is how the Swiss regulators chose to set the bar.

It seems like if you really wanted a watch that meets these requirements, it would be quite difficult to verify that information. Anyway, let’s move on. Next, you might want to know about entry level Swiss luxury brands.

What Is a Good Entry Level Luxury Watch?

You are now probably wondering where you would find a good entry level Swiss luxury watch. Well, here are several brands that are considered entry level Swiss brands.

The prices of their products may vary, but these are going to be, for the most part, affordable for the majority of people who are interested in these types of watches.


Certina has been around since 1888. Their name is derived from the Latin word “Certus”, which stands for “certain”, or “assured”. True to the name, the company puts a premium on making sure the customer knows that they are getting a quality product.

Durability is the focus here, as their watch cases are built with something known as “DS”. This stands for “double security”. The idea behind this is to have cases with increased impact and water resistance.

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Formed in 1917, Rado originally first became well known for their water resistant watches. However, their claim to fame was the advent of the world’s first scratch resistant watch cases.

Rado has an advantage when it comes to build quality because of their own proprietary material used in their watch cases. This material, known as “Ceramos”, is a is a blend of metal and ceramic that is highly durable, and resistant to scratches.

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Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil was formed in 1976. Unlike many other Swiss brands, Raymond Weil initially began by producing quartz watches. This was in response to the “quartz crisis” of the 1970’s and 80’s which saw quartz watches start to replace mechanical watches globally.

Overall, their watches provide the Swiss luxury watch experience at much lower than average pricing for these types of watches.

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This brand was originally known for its Swiss army knives, however, in 1989 they started manufacturing watches. At first, they focused on quartz watches, but later started producing more mechanical watches.

Much like Casio, Victorinox produces a wide variety of watch types, including utility watches. So their focus is not purely on luxury watches.

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Tissot is well known for their quality and innovation. They are credited with the release of both the world’s first multifunctional tactile watch, as well as the world’s first anti magnetic watch.

Tissot has even gained international appeal as they are featured as the official timekeeper in various championship sporting events.

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Wrapping Things Up

Now we have covered what entry level Swiss watches are, and even introduced you to several brands that produce such watches.

So, you can see that purchasing a luxury Swiss watch does not always have to cost an arm and a leg! Entry level Swiss watches provide a way for newcomers to get their feet wet in the Swiss luxury watch market. Among these brands there are many different types of styles and functions to suit just about any occasion!

That concludes our look into the entry level Swiss luxury watch market. If you enjoyed this article, then feel free to check out some of our other informative articles. We cover a wide range of interesting topics about watches.

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