Ana-Digi Watch: What’s That All About?

You may have heard the term “ana-digi watch” before, and wondered exactly what that is. So the first question we are going to answer is the obvious. First things first, what is an ana-digi watch? Simply put , an ana-digi watch is a watch that has both an analog and a digital display on the watch face.

So that’s pretty much it, but there is more to learn here. Like why would you even need a watch with both an analog and a digital display? Well let’s start with the basics first. I’m going to go into a little bit of detail about analog displays, and digital displays, and then finish up with ana-digi displays!

Analog Vs Digital Watches

analog vs digital watches

The first thing we’ll get into is the difference between an analog and a digital watch.

Analog Watches

First of all, when a watch is called “analog”, that is the word used to describe the type of display it uses to tell the time. They are called analog as a way to distinguish them from digital watches.

Originally you would just call a watch, a “watch”, but with the advent of digital watches, there had to be a way to distinguish which type of watch you were talking about. Its just like how nowadays we have “smartwatches”. You already know that smartwatches will have many features, connectivity, and apps not present on tradigital digital or analog watches.

Anyway, an analog watch will usually have 3 hands: an hour hand, minute hand, and seconds hand. These hands will point to the numbers on the watch, and those numbers that the hands point to combined, will give you the time. Most analog watches work in this manner, although there are single-handed watches out there that use only 1 hand to tell the time.

Digital Watches

Digital watches are called “digital” because they display the time in numbers, or “digits”. These digits show the the minutes, hours, and seconds.

When digital watches first came out onto the scene, they provided an easier and more simplistic way to tell the time, as the time is displayed electronically. But this wasn’t the only benefit to digital watches. There were other pros as well.

For instance, they were also much cheaper, on average than analog watches. Setting the time is a relatively simple process when compared to analog watches. Additionally, digital watches pave the way for more features such as an alarm, calendar, and stopwatch function. Even the smartwatches I mentioned before, are an extension of a digital watch.

So Which Type Of Watch Is Really Better Between Analog And Digital Watches?

which is better analog or digital

This is one of those areas where there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on personal preference.

The Argument For Analog Watches

When it comes to analog watches, most of them nowadays are quartz, but you still have a lot of mechanical watches out there. Even though quartz watches are more accurate at timekeeping than mechanical watches, many watch purists swear by mechanical watches.

When it comes to mechanical watches, you get a more technical and refined mechanical movement. In a way this type of build is seen as a work of art. That is why you will find that many high end luxury watches will be mechanical watches. Additionally, if well maintained, a mechanical watch can last for a very long time.

The Argument For Digital Watches

Once again, digital watches are easy to use, and have additional functionality. Also, digital watches can have a wider range of applications. For example, if you are going to wear a watch in an outdoor, or harsh environment, a digital watch can be the best option.

Digital watches do not have complex mechanical parts, so they are less likely to be damaged in such conditions. Also, on that note, they are easy to maintain, and don’t usually require a specialist to repair. And finally, since they tend to be much less expensive on average, it is that much easier to just buy a new one when the old one breaks.

Enter The Ana-Digi Watch

enter the ana digi watch

So you would think that by combining features of both analog and digital watches, you would have the perfect watch right? Well, it kind of depends on the application, which is what we are about to get into next.

Why Use An Ana-Digi Watch?

why use an ana digi watch

There are a couple of reasons as to why a person would choose to wear an ana-digi watch.

Multiple Time Displays

This is a more practical application for this type of watch. The ability to display multiple times on the same watch can be useful. It is a good use for people who may need to view multiple different time zones simultaneously. Instances of this can occur when you are keeping up with someone in another city for scheduling purposes.


One other possible reason to wear an ana-digi watch would be just for the look and style of it. An ana-digi watch has a distinct look to it that may simply be appealing to some. This type of watch definitely stands out from the crowd in terms of uniqueness, as they are not as common as your traditional analog or digital watches.

Final Thoughts On The Ana-Digi Watch

Whether wearing them for practical or aesthetic purposes, ana-digi watches certainly have their place in horology. It is a fine example of the blending of two separate styles (and generations) of watches into one unique timepiece.

It’s always pretty cool to see a blending of technologies when it comes to watches. As a matter of fact, there is also such a thing as a hybrid smartwatch. These types of watches blend analog dials with additional smart features.

Anyway, I hope that this article has been both interesting and informative, and that you got something positive from it. if you want to learn more cool and interesting things about watches that you may not be familiar with, then please feel free to check out some of our other info articles which can be found here

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