Binary Watches Explained And Where To Buy

Have you ever heard of binary watches? Images reminiscent of sci-fi films may come to mind upon hearing that term. Or perhaps instead you may think they are watches designed specifically for computer geeks. The latter may be closer to the truth. These types of watches do represent a more obscure, niche market within the watch industry.

Binary watches may not be the most popular type of watch on the market, but these futuristic looking watches have an incredibly interesting and neat appearance to them. Some of them might be considered stylish as well.

Any way you look at it, if you do wear a binary watch, don’t be surprised if it catches the attention of others. This is not the type of watch you see everyday. The unique appearance of a binary watch on your wrist is definitely a good conversation starter. So you may be wondering just what is a binary watch, then anyway?

In this article we will answer that question and more. Additionally, we will show you several of our own personal recommendations in binary watches. So let’s start with that first question.

What Is A Binary Watch?

A binary watch is a watch that displays the time in binary format, rather than the traditional time telling displays found on most watches.

So that’s it basically. It’s a watch that uses binary format. If you are not familiar with that, then it may seem pretty complicated, but its not really that hard to read the binary format of a typical binary watch.

Yes there may be a small learning curve, which is one caveat to using a binary watch, but it is petty simple once you get the hang of it. And that leads us to the next question…..

How Do You Read A Binary Watch?

To read a binary watch, you add together the number value represented by each led. The first set will be the hours, and the second set will be the minutes. Reading a binary watch is usually pretty straightforward. Usually the layout will be points of led lights in either a vertical, or horizontal orientation. The first set will be the hours, while the second set will be the minutes. Let’s take a look at this example.

binary watches example

This is kind of a typical layout for binary watches. You see that on the top row, both the 2 and the 1 are lit up. You would add 2+1 to get 3. On the second row, you see that the 16 and the 4 are lit up. Add 16+4 to get 20. So the time here would be 3:20. Pretty simple.

Depending on what type of binary watch you have, the layout may be different. Other binary watches could be simpler or even more complicated than this. Most of them are simple enough to read though. You would just need to check the instructions for your particular binary watch.

Why Get A Binary Watch?

While there are no real inherent advantages to owning a binary watch versus a traditional watch, they are still going to appeal to certain groups of people.

If you are a tech enthusiasts, or work in the computer industry or related fields, a binary watch may appeal to you. It is a way to openly display your enthusiasm for the field.

Even if tech is not your thing, you may just simply like the aesthetics of a binary watch, or just want something a little bit different. After all, its not very often that you see people wearing these things.

Any way you look at it, a binary watch provides a very unique experience in timepieces.

Binary Watches: Recommendations You Can Purchase Now!

If you are indeed interested in purchasing a binary watch, then here are a few interesting options we have picked out!


01 TheOne Unisex SM102G2 Samui Moon Binary Fashion Watch

If you were looking for a binary watch that is also very stylish, and fashionable, then this would be the one to get! It is all silver and has a black dial with green numerals that pay homage to the movie, “The Matrix”. Has two horizontal rows of green led lights to mark the time.

This binary watch definitely stands out in terms of aesthetics. The luxury looks plus the unique binary display make this watch a sight to behold!


Fanmis Binary Matrix Blue LED Digital

This one very easily captures a futuristic aesthetic.

This Fanmis brand binary watch is made of stainless steel and has two vertical rows of markers. The first row represents the hours, while the second row is for minutes. The time is displayed with blue led lights.

This is definitely one of the more stylish binary watches. Because the display is rectangular, it blends in with the watch band, making it appear more like a men’s bracelet than a watch.

This one comes in other color options besides black, such as silver, and also gold colors. Another plus is that it is very affordable, coming in at a budget price point.


getDigital Binary Wrist Watch

This next watch pretty much perfectly matches what you would expect to see when hearing the phrase “binary watch”.

It features a circuit board style display. The entire watch and band are black, and made of plastic. The binary time markers are lit with red led lights.

Overall this watch is very simple in design, but it captures the essence of a binary watch.

Final Thoughts

This article was written to look at one of the lesser known watch types out there. If you had an interest or curiosity in binary watches, then hopefully the information that we have provided in this article has helped you out.

Our recommendations in binary watches represent only a small sample of the options out there. But in our opinion, these are some of the better and more stylish options available.

Even if you didn’t like our recommendations, the internet is vast, and there are plenty of other options available in binary watches! Google is your best friend should you decide to explore other options!

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