G Shock Vs Edifice: Same Company, Different Brands

Here we are going to be examining G Shock vs Edifice watches. The interesting thing about these two watch brands is that they are both manufactured by the same company. Casio is the parent company of both of these watch brands.

Since they are both made by the same company, you may be wondering, does this mean they are similar? In some ways, yes they do share similarities, but in other areas they are completely different. The purpose of this article is to explore both those similarities and differences in order to find out if one of these Casio watches is superior to the other.

We will do this by looking at several different qualities of these watches such as the build, features, and price. Hopefully, by looking at these factors, we will should be able to figure out which of these two Casio watches is the better deal overall. But first, we’ll take a look at the reason these watches were created in the first place.

G Shock Vs Edifice: The Purpose Behind These Watches

While both G-Shock and Edifice watches are both Casio watches, there was a different intention behind the creation of these two watches. Let’s take a quick look at what each watch brand was designed to accomplish.


G-Shock watches were designed for the singular purpose of toughness. These watches were created to be as tough as possible, while at the same time remaining affordable. They have thoroughly accomplished this feat.

The toughness and durability of G-Shock watches has become almost legendary in the industry. These claims are often backed up by demonstrations Casio has put on to showcase the extremes that these watches can handle.

There is no question as to the durability of G-Shock watches. These watches are going to be a good choice for outdoor activities, sports, camping, and even in military settings.


Edifice watches are Casio’s answer to dress watches. This brand is dedicated to style and elegance, once again, at more affordable prices. They are designed to appeal to more a professional or formal attire.

Edifice watches have both a refined, yet at the same time sporty look to them. So while intended for more business type settings, they can still fit in with a more casual attire as well.

G Shock Vs Edifice: Build

We will start the comparison by taking a look at the build of each of these Casio brand watches.


G-Shock watches mostly follow the same formula. They are designed to be structurally sound, and you will see this reflected in their overall build and quality. These watches are extremely resilient to impact and harsh environments.

First off, they are all going to have a water resistance up to a depth of 200 meters. G Shock cases are usually going to be made of resin, and a lot of their bands are plastic, though some also have resin bands. The dial windows will be made of mineral crystal.

G-Shocks are mostly going to have a rounded appearance, however, there are some models that are more rectangular. All G Shock watches are digital, although many models also include analog hands in addition to the digital display.


Edifice watches, while not anywhere near as durable as G-Shock, are by no means flimsy.

They have a water resistance to a depth of 100 meters. These watches have cases made of stainless steel. A lot of the bands are also made of stainless steel, but they have more variation in material. Some of the bands are leather, some resin, and a few are also plastic. As with G Shocks, the dial window on Edifice watches is going to be made of mineral crystal.

Most Edifice watches are going to be round, though there are rectangular variations as well. Some Edifice watches have a strictly analog display. Others will have a combination of both an analog and digital display.

It should come as no surprise that G-Shock has the overall stronger build.

Winner: G-Shock

G Shock Vs Edifice: Features

The next thing we will look at is the features of these watches.

G-Shock Features

When it comes to features, G-Shocks typically stick to the basics. You will get a timer, stopwatch, date display, alarm, and backlight. All G-Shock watches will have these base features.

There are some more advanced or premium models, however, that contain other features such as solar charging, thermometers, and chronographs.

Edifice Features

For the most part, Edifice watches are chronographs. Edifice watches will also have a stopwatch, timer, alarm, date display, and backlighting. Some are also solar powered.

You will find features in Edifice watches that are not found in G Shocks. For instance, some models can connect to your smartphone via bluetooth to track chronograph data.

Edifice watches can tend to have more advanced options than G-Shocks.

Winner: Edifice

G-Shock Vs Edifice: Price

g shock vs edifice price

Casio is a brand known for producing affordable watches, so these watches are both going to be competitively priced. For a sporty styled dress watch, you can find many Edifice watches that are cheaper than say, Seiko, or Orient watches. G-Shocks, will also run cheaper than other durable watches such as Luminox.

Even though Both G-Shock and Edifice watches have great low priced selections in their respective markets, G-Shock is going to have more lower priced items. And the G-Shocks on the lower end of the price spectrum are going to be priced lower than the less expensive Edifice watches.

When looking at prices for G-Shock or Edifice watches, G-Shock simply has a larger selection of more inexpensive options.

Winner: G-Shock

G Shock Vs Edifice Key Points


  • tougher
  • cheaper on average
    • mostly basic features


  • stylish
  • has more features
    • more expensive on average
    • not as durable


From what we have seen, G-Shock is the winner in this comparison. It produces more durable watches at much lower prices.

However, G-Shock and Edifice watches serve two entirely different functions. It would be wrong for me say that G-Shock watches are “better” watches. G Shock watches are better at what they are intended for, which is outdoor activities, and harsher environments.

Edifice watches are a much better choice for formal occasions such as weddings, corporate environments, or even golf, for instance. Edifice watches also will have more features than G-Shocks.

So to conclude, the watch you choose should be based on what activities you are engaging in while you are wearing it. And if it comes down to it, you can have both G-Shock , and Edifice watches for varying occasions!

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