Fossil Vs Casio: Battle Of The Brands

Today we will be comparing Fossil vs Casio watch brands. The goal here is to find out which of these brands is superior to the other. Both of these brands manufacture a variety of different watches for different purposes. So how do we determine which brand is better over all? Is it by the variety of watches produced, the overall quality of the watches, or some combination of factors?

In this article we are going to examine some of the different qualities of the watches produced by these brands. Perhaps by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of these two brands, we can come to an accurate conclusion. This is our Fossil vs Casio battle of the brands!

Fossil Vs Casio: Brief Brands Overview

We’ll start with a brief introduction to both Fossil and Casio brands.


Fossil is an American company that began in 1984. They started producing the first Fossil watches in 1985. A few years later, Fossil started borrowing some of the styles and themes of the 1930’s – 1950’s. This was reflected in the Fossil packaging, which contained that vintage styled artwork.

Fossil watches lean more towards style and fashion. Now while they are more fashion-centric, they are not a luxury watch brand. Despite this, Fossil watches do tend to have more of a premium feel to them. This puts them kind of in the median between affordable and luxury watches.

Over the years Fossil has grown, and their watches have become established timepieces with cultural significance. They have come out with, and continue to come out with many different watch styles ranging from analog, to digital, to smartwatch.


Casio is a Japanese brand known for producing quality watches at an affordable price. They are especially known for their G-Shock line of watches. G-Shocks are an extremely tough and durable line of watches great for sporting and outdoor activities.

The company actually began in 1946 as an electronics manufacturer. It wasn’t until 1974 that they began manufacturing watches. Although G-Shocks are among Casio’s most popular offerings, they also produced other watch brands such as Protrek, Edifice, and Wave Ceptor.

Casio continues to innovate in the watch industry as it constantly improves and updates its products. They have a wide range of watches that cover different areas such as fashion, sport, and even military style watches.

Now lets see what these two watch brands offer in terms of quality, style, and price.

Fossil Vs Casio: Quality And Build


For the most part, Fossil’s watch cases will be made of stainless steel. Some of their watches have stainless steel bands, while others will have leather bands. The dial windows tend to be made of mineral crystal.

These materials are pretty much standard for most watches in general. There so there is nothing inherently unique about the build of Fossil watches. This is not a bad thing at all though.

Fossil watches are not built cheaply compared to other watches, nor are they built of premium materials either. Fossil watches, inhabit that median range of quality, which is what makes them affordable.


Casio watches have a variety of builds. You will find that a lot of them are made of resin, while others are made of stainless steel, and some are plastic. A lot of them also have plastic bands, but of course, there are also bands made of stainless steel, or even rubber. The majority of the dial windows are mineral crystal, however, you will find some made of plastic as well.

You can see that Casio uses different materials for different types of watches. They tend to focus on affordable watches that suit a specific purpose. For example, they have watches for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, watches that serve as dress watches, and also watches that are just made to be as tough as possible.

A lot of Casio watches, such as the G-Shock series, are inexpensive. However, you will find that structurally, Casio watches tend to be built to be extremely durable and long lasting. Even their dress watches such as the Edifice watches, are still built pretty sturdy.

Casio watches have a stronger build.

Winner: Casio

Fossil Vs Casio: Style


fossil vs casio watches fashion

As stated earlier, Fossil made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. And for good reason. Fossil has some absolutely stunning watches in their collection. For the fashion conscious, Fossil makes watches that can suit just about any style you can imagine.

The bottom line about Fossil watches, is that they look good. You will be hard pressed to find any Fossil watches that don’t appeal to a person’s sense of style. If you browse through Fossil’s large collection of watches, you will no doubt find something you like pretty easily.


Casio Fashion

Once again, Casio mainly focuses on function over form. That is not to say that Casio watches are ugly, but they do tend to have a more simplistic appearance. However, like I mentioned before, their Edifice collection would be the one to look to if you are seeking something for a more formal occasion.

Even if not looking at the more stylistic Edifice collection, the various other styles of Casio watches may still be appealing to some people. It really just depends on what you are looking for. If you like a simpler, no frills look, then Casio watches may be more suitable.

When it comes to comes to style, Fossil is the clear winner here.

Winner: Fossil

Fossil Vs Casio: Price

In terms of price, both watch brands are known for being inexpensive. However, although Fossil is inexpensive for a dress watch, they will still run higher than the average Casio watch. Casio simply has far more offerings for much cheaper than Fossil watches.

If you are looking for inexpensive quality watches that may not be the most stylish, then Casio will be your best bet.

Winner: Casio

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Fossil Vs Casio Quick Look


  • very stylish compared to Casio
    • run higher in price on average than Casio
    • not as suitable for harsh environments and sporting activities


  • durable build quality
  • very inexpensive
    • not as style-conscious as Fossil


Overall, Casio has a wider variety of more well-built watches at affordable prices. So the Casio watch brand is the winner of this comparison.

Keep in mind though, that it is always difficult to say what brand is better than another, because there are so many different factors involved.

In this case, If you want affordable dress watches for casual or formal occasions, then you would want to look at Fossil watches. If, however, you want a watch that can take a lot of wear and tear, at a bargain price, then Casio is the brand to get.

In the end, you can use the information provided in this article as a guide to help you make a selection that best suits your needs!

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