Automatic Vs Chronograph Watches Finally Explained!

automatic vs chronograph watches

In today’s article, we will be examining automatic vs chronograph watches. There is a lot of confusion out there between these two types of watches. Here, we will attempt to alleviate some of that confusion with a thorough explanation of each. The first thing we need to do though, is to give the most brief … Read more

Tissot Vs Rolex: Budget Vs Premium Swiss!

Tissot Vs Rolex

In this article we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Tissot Vs Rolex. Now Rolex is a big name, possibly one of the biggest in the whole industry. You may think that this comparison is going to be one sided in favor of Rolex, but the truth is that each brand has … Read more

Tissot Vs Citizen: Swiss Watches Vs Swiss Origins!

tissot vs citizen

In this article we will be directly comparing Tissot Vs Citizen watches. These are already two widely known watch brands. One of these brands must be superior to the other one, right? Well, we propose to find out which brand is the superior of the two. So how do we do this? There are a … Read more

Certina Vs Tissot: Best Budget Swiss Luxury Brand?

certina vs tissot

In today’s article, we will be comparing two budget, entry level Swiss luxury brands: Certina Vs Tissot. Now we already know that Swiss watches are held in the highest esteem among watch collectors. Swiss luxury watches represent the finest standards when it comes to quality. As such, Swiss luxury watches are notoriously expensive. There are, … Read more

Tissot Vs Bulova: Swiss Vs American Luxury Watches

tissot vs bulova

In today’s article we will be exploring the differences between Tissot Vs Bulova watches. Rather than just listing several watches from each brand, we are actually going to get into specific details about their watches. The goal here is to find out which brand is the better brand. In order to find out which brand … Read more

Titan Vs Timex: Which Brand Is Best?

titan vs timex

In today’s comparison, we will be comparing the two watch brands Titan vs Timex. The goal here is to find out which brand is the better brand, if such a thing can be said. Keep in mind that a lot of times, which brand is better will really come down to what you are actually … Read more

Seiko Vs Casio: Japan’s Finest Collide!

seiko vs casio

In this article, we will be comparing the Japanese watch brands Seiko vs Casio, in an attempt to figure out which brand is superior. These are both big name Japanese watch brands. I think it will be very interesting to find out what some of the similarities and differences there are between these two brands. … Read more

Fossil VS Invicta: American Fashion Vs Luxury

fossil vs invicta

In todays article, we will be comparing Fossil Vs Invicta watches. These two brands are both well known major players in the watch industry. With that being said, it would be interesting to see how these two brands compare when paired up against each other. Can you really say that one brand is truly better … Read more