Cartier Vs Panerai: French or Italian?

cartier vs panerai

In this article we are going to be closely comparing the two luxury watch brands Cartier Vs Panerai. These are two high end watch brands with names that date far back in the pages of history. Each of these brands have made a name for themselves over the years. It is quite common for people … Read more

Oris Vs Hamilton

oris vs hamilton

This time we will be taking a look at the Oris Vs Hamilton watch brands. Both of these watch brands are Swiss. As we know, Swiss watch brands are highly respected within the community. As such, it will be interesting to compare these two brands. While both of these brands are highly respected, they are … Read more

Analog Vs Chronograph Watches: What’s The Difference?

analog vs chronograph watches

In this article, we will explore the differences between analog Vs chronograph watches. This subject is one of those topics that can cause a bit of confusion to people not familiar with the different types of terminology surrounding watches. So, what is exactly is an analog watch, and what is a chronograph watch anyway? To … Read more

Panerai Vs Omega: Italian Style Vs Swiss Luxury!

panerai vs omega

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Panerai, Vs Omega. Both of these brands are luxury watch brands. As such, they have pretty high price tags. Luxury watches can be quite the investment for that reason! So, if you are going to buy a watch from one brand or … Read more

Tissot Vs Hamilton

tissot vs hamilton

In today’s comparison article, we will be exploring the differences between the two watch brands Tissot Vs Hamilton. These are two brands that you may or may not be familiar with. If anything, Tissot is a bit more well known than Hamilton. One thing, however, that these brands do have in common is the fact … Read more

Bulova Vs Citizen – Which Is The Better Brand?

bulova vs citizen

In today’s comparison, we are going to be looking at the brands Bulova Vs Citizen. Both of these brands are well known and respected, and both brands produce quality timepieces. So how do we determine which brand is better? It turns out that there are a variety of factors that determine the value of any … Read more

Tissot Vs Tag Heuer: Entry Level And Mid-Range Swiss

tissot vs tag heuer

In this article, we will be looking at the Swiss watch brands Tissot Vs Tag Heuer. We all know that Swiss brands are considered to be the pinnacle of achievement in watchmaking. While these are both Swiss luxury brands, they differ in one major area. Tissot is more of an entry level Swiss brand, while … Read more

Victorinox Vs Seiko: Can Japanese Match Swiss?

victorinox vs seiko

In this article, we are going to be comparing the two watch brands Victorinox Vs Seiko to see which one is better. Victorinox is a Swiss watch brand, while Seiko is a Japanese company. Swiss watch brands are world renown for their quality, precision, and fine craftsmanship. You may be wondering how a Japanese watch … Read more

Daniel Wellington Vs Fossil: Two Fashion Brands Collide!

Daniel wellington vs fossil

Today we will be comparing the two fashion watch brands Daniel Wellington, Vs Fossil. Both of these brands share in common the fact that they are fashion watch brands. People who take an interest in fashion watches, or watches in general may be familiar with either of these two brands. Fashion watches are different from … Read more