Seiko SKX007 Vs SKX009: Head To Head

seiko skx007 vs skx009

In today’s article we take a look at two of Seiko’s most popular dive watches: The Seiko SKX007, and the SKX009. The SKX series has always been the go to series when it comes to Seiko dive watches. You may also have noticed that these watches are similar in style to the Rolex Submariner. As … Read more

Rolex Vs Cartier: Which Should You Buy?

rolex vs cartier

Both Rolex and Cartier are two well known premium luxury watch companies. Perhaps you are looking to purchase one of these luxury watches. You may be having a difficult time trying to figure out which brand you should go with. Or maybe you are just curious as to which brand is superior. In this Rolex … Read more

Tissot Vs Seiko: Which Is The Better Choice?

tissot vs seiko

Tissot is the Swiss watch making company, and Seiko is the Japanese company. Generally, the Tissot watches will be more expensive than the Seiko watches. So the question overall is: Which one is better? Tissot, or Seiko? In today’s comparison, we will be taking a look at 2 similar diving watches from each brand. The … Read more