Hardlex Vs Sapphire: The Hard Truth About Dial Windows

hardlex vs sapphire

So today we will be discussing two different types of glass used in watch dial windows. Hardlex Vs sapphire crystal. Most people seem to assume that sapphire is superior. But if you read on, you will find out that this is not necessarily the case. As I’m sure you know, different watch types and brands … Read more

Armitron Vs Casio: A Worthy Competitor?

armitron vs casio

In this article, we will be comparing Armitron Vs Casio watches. Now most people that are at least somewhat interested in watches are probably already familiar with the Casio brand. They have a long and is established history in the industry. But what about Armitron? This company is not at the forefront of popularity in … Read more

Casio Vs Titan: East Competes With East!

casio vs titan

Ah, time for another brand battle. There always comes a time where a person will wonder if a certain brand is superior to another. It makes sense, because if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a product, you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. And … Read more

G Shock Vs Edifice: Same Company, Different Brands

g shock vs edifice

Here we are going to be examining G Shock vs Edifice watches. The interesting thing about these two watch brands is that they are both manufactured by the same company. Casio is the parent company of both of these watch brands. Since they are both made by the same company, you may be wondering, does … Read more

Fossil Vs Casio: Battle Of The Brands

fossil vs casio

Today we will be comparing Fossil vs Casio watch brands. The goal here is to find out which of these brands is superior to the other. Both of these brands manufacture a variety of different watches for different purposes. So how do we determine which brand is better over all? Is it by the variety … Read more

G Shock Vs Protrek: Battle Of The Casio Watches

g shock vs protrek

Casio is a Japanese company that produces watches, as well as other electronics. They are mostly known for their watches, however. In today’s article, we will be comparing and contrasting Casio’s G Shock vs Protrek watches. We are trying to find out which is the better watch overall. Both of these watches are produced by … Read more

Bike Computer Vs Smartwatch: Which Is Really Better?

bike computer vs smartwatch

Bike computers have long been used in the world of cycling to track and measure data. Nowadays, in the current age of smartphones, and smartwatches, there is the question of whether or not biking computers are still relevant. After all, can’t smartwatches do everything a bike computer can do and more? The purpose of this … Read more

Orient Vs Seiko: Which Is The Better Buy?

orient vs seiko

Orient And Seiko are both Japanese watch manufacturers. I won’t bore you with the complete history of each brand, but there is one important fact that you need to know about these two brands. That is, that the two companies merged. While originally, they were completely separate companies; in 2009, Seiko acquired the Orient brand. … Read more