G Shock Vs Protrek: Battle Of The Casio Watches

Casio is a Japanese company that produces watches, as well as other electronics. They are mostly known for their watches, however. In today’s article, we will be comparing and contrasting Casio’s G Shock vs Protrek watches. We are trying to find out which is the better watch overall. Both of these watches are produced by Casio. The reason we are comparing the two, is because both of these watches are designed to be tough watches

The G-Shock line of watches has become very popular and well known among sports and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as military personnel. G-Shock Watches are praised for their ruggedness and durability. However, there is a lesser known line of tough watches, made by Casio: The Protrek line.

Protrek may not be as popular or well known as the G-Shock line, but does that mean it is inferior to G-Shock in terms of ruggedness and durability? Is G-Shock more popular for a reason, or is Protrek a sleeper hit? We will attempt to answer those questions and more in this G-Shock vs Protrek comparison!

G Shock Vs Protrek: The Origins

casio tough watch watch origins

The lore behind the origins of the G-shock line of watches is probably already well known. Kikuo Ibe, the man who designed G Shock watches, accidentally broke a pocket watch that had been given to him by his father. After this, incident, he vowed to create a watch, that was much more resistant to damage. From there, over time G-Shock watches came into being. But what about Protrek? Where does that fit into the picture?

Protrek watches don’t have as much of an endearing origin story. But we’re not here to compare origins. We’re here to compare watches. Casio Protrek watches were first introduced to the market about 10 years after G-Shock. The Protrek watches were marketed exclusively to outdoor enthusiasts. No doubt though, that the concepts behind G-Shock were incorporated into the Protrek series.

G Shock Vs Protrek: Design

g shock vs protrek - design

Let’s start things off by looking at the design and build of both watches. They both have a sturdy construction. But the first difference you will notice between G-Shock and Protrek watches is the size difference. On average, G-Shock watches are larger than Protrek watches. Protrek watches tend to be lighter and have a smaller profile than G-Shock. (Although the Protrek Tough Solar series watches match the size of G-Shocks) If you don’t mind a larger watch, then G-Shock will work for you. If you prefer a slightly slimmer watch, then you would want to go with Protrek.

Next, if you examine the dial of most G-Shocks and Protreks, You will notice that G-Shock watches usually have more extra sub-dials. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you actually use those extra sub-dials that G-Shocks tend to have, then it works out. If, however, you don’t need the extra sub-dials, then they just become extra clutter on the watch face. Protrek watch dials tend to have a simpler, cleaner profile, keeping only the necessities.

The last thing we will look at here is the button configuration. Protrek watches mostly have different buttons for different modes, which allows for 1 button mode switches. G-Shocks, on the other hand usually have a button that you have to press multiple times to switch from mode to mode, making it a little more of a hassle.

Design Summary


  • larger
  • extra sub-dials
    • more difficult to navigate between modes


  • smaller and lighter
  • cleaner and simpler dial
  • easier to switch between modes

When looking at the design, it would appear that Protrek has the upper hand.

Winner: Protrek

G Shock Vs Protrek: Durability

casio watch durability

Next, we will look at quite possibly the most important factor between these two watches: durability. Well Protreks are definitely tough. They have to be if they are designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, etc. However, G-Shock is called G-Shock for a reason. And Protrek is called Protrek for a reason.

These watches are designed with different purposes in mind. The whole idea behind G-Shock is to create the toughest watch possible. All G-Shocks have a water resistance up to a depth of 200 meters. Most Protreks, on the other hand, have a water resistance of between 100 and 200 meters.

Also, Protreks contain more sensitive equipment such a sensors, that could be potentially be damaged, if put through extraordinary punishment. For G-Shocks, this is not a problem sense standard G-Shocks are not made with those extra sensors.

Durability Summary


  • designed to be as tough as possible
  • water resistant to depth of 200 meters
  • most don’t have extra sensors and electronics that may be vulnerable to damage


  • designed for outdoor activity
  • most are water resistant to a depth between 100 and 200 meters
    • contains extra sensors and electronics that could be susceptible to damage

G-Shocks continue to reign supreme when it comes to taking punishment.

Winner: G-Shock

G Shock Vs Protrek: Features

casio watch features

The next Point to look at is the features. G-Shock watches come with basic features such as a backlight, timer and alarm. They will also display different time zones. Some G-Shocks will also contain special features such as a thermometer or chronograph.

Protrek watches contain the same basic features as G-Shocks like the alarms, timers, and backlights. Protreks, on the other hand, tend to come standard with even more advanced features such as a compass, barometer, thermometer, accelerometer, and altimeter. Some Protreks will also come with special features such as syncing with your smartphone.

Features Summary


  • Standard G-Shocks contain basic features like timer, stopwatch, backlight, alarm


  • standard Protreks contain more advanced features such as a compass, thermometer, accelerometer, and altimeter

Protreks have the advantage here as they come standard with more features than the standard G-Shock.

Winner: Protrek

G Shock Vs Protrek: Price

g shock vs protrek price

Not much to this one. You will find that G-Shock watches have more of a varied price range from lower to higher. Protrek watches, on the other hand, are almost always going to be priced higher.

So if you are looking for a budget tough watch, you would want to go with G-Shock. If, however, you have more money to spend, then do look into Protrek watches.

Price Summary


  • varied prices from less expensive


  • much more expensive

G-Shocks are cheaper. Period.

Winner: G-Shock

G-Shock Vs Protrek: Final Result

So who is the clear winner here between G Shock vs Protrek? The answer is……it’s a tie! Each watch has its pros and cons. The truth is that these two watches were designed with different themes in mind.

If you plan on using the additional navigational and terrain analysis found in the Protrek, and don’t mind spending more money on a watch for such features, then go with the Protrek. If you are just looking for a tough watch, and maybe at a discount price, then a G-Shock is the way to go.

Ultimately, the decision on which watch to get comes down to how you intend to use the watch, and maybe you budget constraints. Or it may just simply be which style you like the most! At the end of the day, these are both tough Casio watches. Using the info gained from this article, you can decide which of these two watches will work best for you!

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  2. Hi everyone!
    I agree with the comparison BUT I have a extra doubt, because the G-Shock have a small family called Master of G, like Gravity Master Mud Master, etc and, I see that the Pro-Trek PRW-6000Y looks like very similar to G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000/2000 and (maybe not the same but) similar features like compass, altimeter and barometer…
    That’s why, I’ve no idea in which brand should I choose


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