Best G Shocks For Small Wrists: Finding The Right Fit

Ah, so you are looking for G Shocks for small wrists. G-Shocks are an extremely popular model of Casio brand watches. Maybe you don’t want to wear Baby G, or any other women’s G Shocks that might fit. You have your reasons, but you want a standard, manly styled, men’s G-Shock watch. We are here to help.

It is common knowledge that G-Shock watches tend to be quite large and bulky. These are, after all, watches designed to be tough, durable, and able to survive extreme conditions. So maybe it makes sense that they would be much larger than your typical watch. But are there smaller G-Shock watches? Are there standard men’s G-Shocks out there that can fit smaller than average sized wrists?

Well fortunately, the answer to that question is a resounding yes! We have done a little bit research and come up with a list of, in our opinion, some of the best G Shocks for small wrists. We like to keep our lists pretty short and to the point. These are our top 5 picks!

#1: DW5600E-1V

The first one we will be looking at is the DW5600E-1V model. This model has a simple and clean appearance. Its case diameter measures 45 millimeters around, and 15 millimeters thick. The band is 9 inches long, and 26 millimeters wide.

This watch has a digital display only, with a mineral crystal window. It has a case made of resin, while the band is plastic. The DW5600E-1V has basic features found in G-Shock watches which include a calendar, backlight, stopwatch, alarm, and both 12 hour and 24 hour formats.

Overall, this is a very popular, low profile G-Shock model. The DW5600E-1V is very affordable as well, which no doubt contributes to its popularity. It has satisfied many customers, so if you went with this watch, then you probably woudl not be disappointed either!

Quick Look

  • simple, clean look
  • very popular model
  • extremely affordable

#2: GWM5610-1

Next, we have the G-Shock GWM5610-1 model. This is another G-Shock with a simple, generic design, and digital display. The case is 46.7 millimeters in diameter, and 43.2 millimeters thick. Its band is 8 inches long and 20 millimeters wide. It has the resin case, plastic band, and mineral glass window.

You will get the typical backlight, stopwatch, calendar, timezone, and alarm features found in all G-Shock watches. This particular model, does come with some special features though. One such feature is the fact that it is solar powered. This allows it to store energy by being exposed to sunlight.

Another special feature this watch possesses is the auto-backlight feature. If you set the auto backlight feature, then the backlight will turn on automatically in dark conditions.

The fact that this watch is solar powered makes the auto-backlight feature more feasible. Otherwise, the battery would simply just run out after a few days. The solar power feature recharges the watch. These added features do make this watch more expensive, though.

Quick Look

  • simple look
  • solar powered
  • auto-backlight feature
    • more expensive

#3: G-Shock Tough Solar

The G-Shock Tough Solar has a design more reminiscent of a standard men’s G-Shock model, albeit a bit smaller. This one has a case diameter of 46.4 millimeters, and a case thickness of 14.9 millimeters. The case is made of resin, and the band is plastic. The G-Shock Tough Solar has both an analog and digital display.

It contains the basic features you expect to see. (alarm, backlight, timer, stopwatch, etc.) A great thing about this particular model though, is that it is unisex. So it is appropriate to be worn by either gender.

With a name like “Tough Solar”, you can probably figure out that it also contains a solar powered feature. The digital display contains a backlight, but also, the actual analog watch hands are luminous, allowing them to be visible in the dark, as well. This one too, is more expensive though.

Quick Look

  • digital and analog display
  • solar powered
  • unisex can be worn by both genders
    • a bit more expensive

#4: Casio Men’s G-Shock DW6900-1V Sport Watch

This one, once again, looks like a smaller version of a standard sized men’s G-Shock watch, which is what we want, right? It has a digital display, with a resin case, plastic band, and mineral crystal window. The case here, is a bit larger at 53.2 millimeters in diameter, and 16.3 millimeters thick. It is not as big as a typical G-shock, though.

All of the regular features of the G-Shock line are found here. (time zones, stopwatch, alarm, timer, calendar, etc.) There are no inherently special features to this watch. It is just a lightweight, tough G-Shock watch at an affordable price!

Quick Look

  • simple, neat design
  • affordable

#5: G-Shock GWM500A-1

Lastly, we have the G-Shock GWM500A-1. This one has a smoother, and more streamlined design than your average G-Shock wastch. It has a case with a 46 millimeter diameter, and a 5.7 centimeter thickness. Its strap is 16.6 millimeters wide. The case is made of resin, and the band, from plastic.

The G-Shock GWM500A-1 has a digital display, and has the typical features that come with G-Shocks. (alarm, stopwatch, timer, backlight, timezones, etc.) This one does contain the solar powered feature, as well as the auto-backlight feature. This watch comes in at a reasonable price for having these features.

Quick look

  • smooth design
  • solar powered
  • auto-backlight
  • reasonably priced

Conclusion: Are These The Absolute Best G Shocks For Small Wrists?

So are these the best choices available? When it comes down to finding the best g shocks for small wrists, we can only point people in the right direction by giving our recommendations. But everybody is different, and they may find something else that we didn’t mention that suits them better.

It all eventually comes down to personal preference and what an individual is comfortable with. Hopefully these recommendations helped you to find what you were looking for, or at the very least, got you on the right path to finding what you need!

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