Casio Vs Titan: East Competes With East!

Ah, time for another brand battle. There always comes a time where a person will wonder if a certain brand is superior to another. It makes sense, because if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a product, you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. And that brings us to the title of the article. This time we will be comparing Casio vs Titan watches.

In this article we will be looking at several different factors in the Casio and Titan watches. In order to find out which watch is superior, we will have to examine their build quality, design, and price. Hopefully, by taking a more in depth approach to these factors, we can come to a satisfactory conclusion!

First off, let’s take a look at the brands themselves.

Casio Vs Titan: Introduction To The Brands

Both of these brands share an eastern origin, with Casio, being a Japanese brand, and Titan being an Indian brand. What we are going to look at here is what these two brands are known for and what they bring to the table.


Casio is the Japanese manufacturer. Founded in 1946, the company produces a wide variety of electronic devices. the focus here, however, is on the watches.

If nothing else, Casio has built a reputation for producing very durable watches as demonstrated in their ever popular G-Shock line of watches. Aside from G-Shocks, they also have camping and outdoor watches, such as the Protrek line. They even have a more luxurious style suited for more formal occasions in their Edifice line.

Anyway you look at it though, Casio’s reputation for tough watches, and varied styles makes it a brand that can compete with others on many different levels.


Titan is the India based company. This brand is a more fashion focused brand in general, catering to more traditional Indian styles of accessories. These accessories include, jewelry, glasses, and, of course, watches.

While Titan is an Indian company, the different styles and designs in their watches can appeal to almost any demographic. Some of their women’s watches in particular have a unique flare to them that you don’t see very often in watches. They even dipped their hands into the smartwatch market with some of their models, with the goal being to produce inexpensive smartwatches.

So Titan also has a wide range of styles, with some being unique in comparison to traditional watches. Plus, they also want to keep up with innovation by creating affordable products in the smartwatch category as well.

Casio Vs Titan: Build Quality

casio vs titan build quality

Here, we will examine the construction of these watches to see if there is a quality advantage to one brand versus the other. When looking at materials used in watch brands, it is important to note that each brand’s different styles may employ the use of different materials at times. However, we can still get an overall idea by looking at the commonalities among a brand’s watches.


With Casio, you will find that the majority of the watch cases range in materials from stainless steel, to resin, and even some plastic cases as well, depending on what type of watch you are looking at.

Same thing, when looking at Casio’s watch bands. A lot of their models do have plastic bands, while some will be rubber, and of course their Edifice watches will have stainless steel bands most of the time.

As for their dial windows, the vast majority of Casio watches will sport mineral crystal windows, although you can still find some with plastic windows.

They also have a water resistance from 30 to 200 meters, with most being on the higher side. So despite what materials go into the watch, you will usually find that their watches are built to last.

What type of materials you find on a Casio watch will depend on the function of the model. Overall though, Casio watches are praised for their durability.


When looking at Titan watches, you will notice that a lot of them have cases made of brass. But, of course, they also have many watches made of stainless steel, and even titanium, depending on the model.

As far as bands go, again, you will find a lot of brass bands on Titan watches, but they also come in stainless steel, or leather.

Titan watches have dial windows usually made of mineral crystal, or glass. The water resistance on these watches ranges from 30 to 50 meters on average.

Winner: Casio

Casio always tends to score higher in build quality versus other brands. With a larger collection of more durable watches, and higher water resistance on average than Titan, Casio is the clear winner here.

Casio Vs Titan: Style

casio vs titan style

In this section, we will examine the different types of styles between the two brands.


Casio watches, for the most part have a simpler, more basic appearance. This is partly do to the fact that most Casio watches serve a specific purpose. We talked before about how Casio has watches specifically designed for outdoor activities. And also their most popular offering, the G-Shocks, are designed to be as tough as a watch can be.

Once again though, Casio does offer a more elegant style with their Edifice watches. Now their other watches don’t necessarily lack style, its just that they were not designed to be “pretty”. Nonetheless, the various styles of Casio’s watches will still be appealing to many people.


Titan watches have a range of varied styles. Some of their styles are similar to what you find in various different watch brands, while others are unique to Titan. Their women’s Raga watches, in particular possess a beautiful design that is rare to see in watches.

Aside from that, they have slim watches for men, sports, work, casual, and dress watches. No matter what category of Titan watch you choose, most all of them are going to be pretty stylish.

Winner: Titan

Where Casio focuses more on specific functions, Titan watches are more catered to style and dress. Titan gets the victory on this one.

Casio Vs Titan: Price

casio vs titan price

Next, we will be comparing their prices. Neither one of these brands would be considered luxury or high end so you will not find many that would be considered particularly expensive. Both brands are relatively inexpensive.


Casio has watches at various different prices, obviously, depending on what model you are looking at. Many of their watches, especially the G-Shocks, can be bought dirt cheap.

It is true that they do have some watch models that are a few hundred dollars, but the majority of their watches are extremely inexpensive, with some models being unbelievably cheap, even brand new.


As with Casio, the prices of Titan watches will fluctuate from watch to watch. They are, for the most part, going to be inexpensive watches. Some of the cheaper Titan watches can be purchased at bargain bin prices, while some of the more expensive ones will need to be planned out in your budget.

So while Titan watches are generally inexpensive, you will be hard pressed to find models as cheap as Casio’s cheapest models.

Winner: Casio

Both companies sell inexpensive watches overall. While both companies have their cheap models, and their more expensive variants, if you are looking for extremely low prices, Casio is the better option. They give you watches with solid construction at dirt cheap prices. It’s hard to beat that!

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Titan Vs Casio: Final Thoughts

Based on the few factors we have looked at today, Casio produces more durable watches at cheaper prices than Titan. But always remember that ultimately you need to get the brand that best suits your needs.

If you are looking for durable watches that suit a specific function, especially outdoorsy activities, then you should look at Casio watches. If, however, you want a more casual and styled look, then Titan would be best suited for that purpose.

I hope enjoyed this article and gained some useful info! Feel free to check out some of our other Vs articles for more comparisons.

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