Festina Watches Review: Is This Brand Any Good?

Welcome to our Festina watches Review! Today, the focus will be on the watch brand Festina. If you are reading this article, then you probably have some sort of curiosity about the brand. This is a brand that you don’t really hear people talking about a whole lot. You may be wondering what Festina watches are, if they a luxury watch brand, or if they any good at all?

We will attempt to provide a detailed answer to all of those questions and more in this short little article. So before diving into the details of Festina watches, let’s start by getting a little bit of background information about the Festina brand.

About Festina

The Meaning Behind The Festina Name

The name “Festina” derives its meaning from the Latin phrase,”Festina lente”. This translates into “more haste, less speed”. This motto was most famously adopted by the Roman emperors Augustus, and Titus. The basic idea behind this saying, is that it is better to to a job slowly and more precisely, than rushed and sloppy.

A Brief History Of Festina Watches

First off, Festina is a Swiss-made watch company. It was originally founded in 1902 in Switzerland, but moved its headquarters to Spain sometime during Word War II. Throughout the years the company has changed hands of ownership to various businessmen and entrepreneurs, eventually settling into the Festina Group.

Festina was actually the official timekeeper for the Tour de France from 1992-2016. Then later, in 2016 they brought on the Scottish actor Gerard Butler to be an ambassador for their brand. The Festina Group also owns the watch brands, Perrelet, Jaguar, Calypso, Lotus and Candino.

Finally, although Festina is a Swiss company, at this time the watches themselves are actually manufactured in Japan. This is why you will find that they utilize Japanese quartz movement in their watches.

Next, we will get into the actual Festina watches review.

Festina Watches Review

festina watches

In this section, we will break down several different aspects of Festina watches such as construction, style, and price. By examining these different factors, we should be able to figure out if this brand is worth a buy or not.

Festina Watches: Construction

Festina produces watches that use quartz movement. Their cases are traditionally made of stainless steel. As far as bands go, many of them have bands made of rubber, but of course there will also be bands made of leather, or stainless steel depending on the particular model.

The dial windows on Festina watches are going to be made of mineral crystal, which is quite common in analog watches. As for water resistance, they have models that can withstand submersion to from depths of 30 meters all the way up to 200 meters in some models. A water resistance of 100 meters is pretty common for these watches though.

So basically overall they have a solid construction on par with other brands such as Seiko, or Fossil for example.

Festina Watches: Style

festina watches style

While Festina does produce different styles, they tend to lean more towards a more sporty look. Their chronographs are especially popular. This sports/casual look makes them appropriate for most everyday functions and events.

Some of them could even fit with a more formal attire, but I feel that overall, most Festina watches would be more suited for casual dress styles.

You can take them just about anywhere, but these are definitely not the types of watches I would recommend for hunting or fishing trips!

Festina Watches: Price

As far as price goes, Festina watches are usually not going to be dirt cheap, but neither are they going to be extremely expensive. At the high end, you will find some watches that get near entry level luxury watch prices, while on the lower end, some will be priced in a much lower range.

For the most part though, Festina watches are going to be priced in a median range. So they are not bargain bin watches, but they won’t break bank either. Next, we are going answer the question I’m sure you are wondering.

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Is Festina A Good Watch Brand?

From what we have seen here, if you are looking for an inexpensive, sporty, and stylish watch, then yes Festina is a good watch brand. This brand may not get the same recognition as more popular brands such as Seiko, but it caters to a similar market, which is people who are looking for an inexpensive, sporty watch.

Festina is not, however, a luxury brand. As such, it does not carry a luxury price tag either. Festina watches are not going to compete on any level with the likes or Rolex, or Cartier, but they were not intended to be a luxury watch or luxury alternative.

So now that we’ve done a proper Festina watches review, next we will give you a couple of recommendations if you are looking to bite the bullet and buy a Festina watch!

Festina Watches: Recommendations

Festina Men’s F16488/3 Silver Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch with Black Dial

This is an especially sleek looking men’s chronograph watch from Festina. Both the case and band are made of silver stainless steel. It also has a black dial, which always contrasts nicely with silver. Finally, you have the blue and white markers that really stand out when looking at the watch.

This one has a mineral glass window, and is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters. Additionally, it contains a tachymeter.

Quick Look

  • stylish silver color with black dial
  • mineral glass dial window
  • water resistant 100 meters
  • tachymeter

Festina Classic Ladies F16716/3 Wristwatch for women Classic & Simple

For the women, we have another nice looking silver stainless steel Festina watch. Both the case and band are made completely of stainless steel. It has a beautiful rose colored dial.

This one also has a mineral glass dial window. It is water resistant to a depth of 50 meters.

Quick Look

  • silver stainless steel with a beautiful rose color dial
  • mineral glass dial window
  • water resistant 50 meters

Final Thoughts

And that wraps up our Festina watches review. Festina is a good, but often overlooked watch brand. It is not as popular as some of the others mentioned, but as you can see here, it clearly has some offerings worth looking at!

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